The Divine Lover

glorious-flow-of-the-beloved-3It is the ongoing dilemma: fall in love with the beauties and temptations of physical existence, or live life with the understanding that the here and now is a launch pad to something greater. And of course, one must make this trade without any real surety or guarantee of what’s really going on. And that’s where belief and faith come into the bargain. Yet, as it always turns out, it can only be one way, and we can only choose to live one way. These paths are mutually exclusive.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it feels like I’m with some other people and that we’re being pursued, and we move forward almost like we’re walking through train cars, but other times it feels like we’re driving in cars.

But what we seem to be doing particularly as we walk through the train cars to try to prevent ourselves from being caught by the pursuers is that we have… it almost feels like a henna mixture or something that we put in our hair. Anyway, it feels like that. It’s something that you put in your hair and then you kind of sweep your hair from one side to the other and comb it out, and it’s like you feel in a way that that’s going to disguise you so that you don’t get caught by who’s pursuing you.

But, of course, you know it’s not that good a disguise, but you just keep moving forward that way. That was the first dream.

John: That’s a good dream. This idea of being pursued, and then having to play with your hair or the quality of appearance, kind of the glory of things, might surprise you what that really is. And you’re dreaming it on a personal level, but on a macro level it’s the same thing, too. It’s called the prostitute archetype energy. In other words, it has two forms, one where something reaches out to help, which is kind of the masculine side, and the other where the energetic pulls something so that it is brought into one’s self.

And then, in order to create the appearance that it isn’t manipulating or trying to shape something, it attempts to create a veil of appearances so that it doesn’t have to deal directly with what is taking place. What we’re working with here is a very, very subtle energy that has to do with the kundalini force. It’s like you have the physical lover and the divine lover, the beloved. And it is said that the archetypes eventually will control things.

The collateral damage and the way things go haywire about the life is in one sense intensified when you bring in the focus and attention of trying to turn towards a divine purpose – because as you do that then you’re going to have this racket on the outside and, to the degree to which that distracts you, is the degree to which you can’t take all of the energy back that is needed, or channel all the power that is needed to break free.

This is a strange way of presenting how the prostitute archetype works. What you dreamt about is the prostitute aspect of something that is caused to pursue you, and that pursuing has to do with an identified need, and the indulgence of that identified need detract away from the same energy that goes towards that which you really want most, which is the beloved.

This prostitute archetype can get set up in all kinds of ways. It can get set up in terms of abstinent use of energy whereby it is subrogated and is still lying there dormant and can lead to perversion. It can get set up in terms of a person just having lots of energy and therefore able to take and focus and channel that energy to bring about a particular desired design in the physical, and then finding out that that desire is part of a divine Will but has to be taken back for the divine Will to really come through. And in order for the divine Will to come through you have to recognize how this other has an aliveness energetically speaking that is there, that is an aspect and reflection in the physical, and to the degree that you are caught in the effect of all of that in the physical is the degree to which no matter what you do you still have the breakdown because you can’t negotiate.

So, it’s really, really strange to get beyond the reincarnation aspect of energetics in the physical, where say one third of the kundalini is located, two thirds of it being divine. If you take and you continually have to adhere or honor and feed that prostitute archetype in the physical in some fashion, that still continues to perpetuate physical existence as a way of having to be.

Prostitute archetype is a really complicated subject. You can look at it from all kinds of different angles. You could look at it from a financial angle and how that sort of thing ensnares.

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