A Reverberating Energetic

1zJust like waves rippling on a still pond, energies that we come in contact with, or energies we produce from within ourselves, will continue to play out until they have run their course – or their energy has been used up. If we are conscious, our understanding of this will allow us a choice: if it’s an energy we don’t want (anger, envy, etc.) we can expend it quickly, rather than letting it carom its way through our systems where it continues to have an effect. Or, if it is a positive energy, we can nourish it by continued acts and thoughts that support its longevity in our system. That’s closer to a definition of energetic development than is usually available. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It seems to me like I have some repeat of that dream, and then it goes into a dream where I’ve gone over to, it’s almost like at the end of a workday or right after the end of the workday, and I’ve gone over to a coworker’s desk.

I thought he’d left, but I think he comes back, but then he leaves because I want to look at something on his desk. And when I look at what I’m trying to read on his desk I must push a print button and a whole bunch of pages come out instead of just the last page, which is what I need. But when I get the last page, it seems to be the address or directions or something that I need, but I’m also trying to straighten it out because I didn’t particularly want the coworker to notice what it was I was looking for.

Then having gotten that direction of the place that I needed to go to, it feels like I’ve gone home where I have a family but I’m going from there to a meeting, or I’m considering going to a meeting and, again, it feels like there’s a product I’m putting through my hair again that I have to put through my hair before I go to this meeting.

But this time the product is kind of goopy and I can’t get it all out of my hair, and it doesn’t quite work right, and this makes me kind of reassess the meeting because I get to the meeting and I realize it’s at the address on that piece of paper I’d got. I realized whatever they’re promoting I couldn’t get it all the way through my hair, so it doesn’t feel right. When you get there you realize they want you to have started buying or using their product, and I haven’t signed anything. I haven’t agreed to it, and I’m beginning to think it was kind of a mistake to be there because it feels like you have to sign up for this whole thing if you do.

I always think of that as like a multi-level marketing product or something that you’re supposed to use and it may have a good outcome. Maybe it’s supposed to help promote some positive change in you physically, or some other level, but from what I can see of what I’ve tried it on, isn’t quite working right.

John: That’s again a good example of a continuation; it’s very much parallel to the first dream except what’s significant about the second dream is that you’re meant to see what it is that you’re taking on, or holding onto, and how it is that that as an energetic lowers the vibration of yourself – in terms of how you vibrate.

In other words, it started off with having to look at something or denote something, and whatever you learned from that opened up something that then proceeded to get a hold of you in some fashion, and grabbed your attention in terms of how it is that you’re to apply it or work it through or something, and that is like an image of something taken out of an emptiness in which if you watch and follow that through it takes away from your wholeness. It takes away from how it is that you are meant to be, and able to be.

The importance of a dream like that is to feel the energetic, how it affects a greater energetic in your nature, how it lowers the energy of that, how it creates a certain strife or cloud or tone or mood or whatever upon the heart. The indulgence of that does that. And of course once it has done that then, you’re veiled, but in a dream you’re given the opportunity to be able to get a glimpse of that before it has fully set itself up.

It again is a dream showing how it is that one gets, like this whole thing, calling it a type of prostitute archetype, it sets itself up in all kinds of different ways. In other words, if it’s something that is going on and affecting things in one way, it’s affecting them in all ways. To some degree it is a reverberating energetic thought that is trying to run its course. And so it would continue off in this mannerism as well.

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