Desire, or Will?

Aqua-4This, it could be said, is the fundamental question the human race faces: do we respond to personal planetary desires, or do we act according to Divine Will? We can see in the world today, and from world history, that acting on personal, planetary desires always ends in degradation and disastrous outcomes. It’s true because everyone wants what they want, and the other person, or country, or religion, doesn’t matter in the equation. Divine Will, or human purpose, is the only thing that can bring it all together and supply the needed reference point to move forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then I had this dream, so what I wrote was another woman who acts as if we have something in common tries to get my attention. She says something about the way that attention is drawn to herself; certain things happen and I say, “At least we now know how it is you are thinking about yourself.”

And she pretends to be free of this but has this inviting energy nevertheless. And then when you take and you recognize, okay, how free is it, and you ask her questions, she has all kinds of kids from mixed nationalities all around the world. It’s the collateral condition.

And from that I wrote up the idea of peace has a lot to do with the energetic behind the prostitute archetype. With the prostitute archetype there is the thought of what is needed to fulfill a basic physical need. When this prevails – the basic physical need prevails over the top of something deeper behind all of that, in other words, the desire or something instead of the will – when this prevails there are never-ending problems because you create that and then you have to deal with the effect of what you created.

The illusion is that you have to be responsible to the physical need, from which choices arise that have reverberating consequences. We haven’t gotten it. The archetype gets magnified into the outer when manmade responsibility mixes with divine purpose. The Kundalini energy is needed for the divine purpose, but how can it flow to the beloved when the outer effect still predominates and is loud, too?

Everyone is holding on to something in a situation where everything is broken up into a million pieces, and so you don’t have the relatability, and you have choices that are made and mannerisms that are accentuated, and they continue to predominate. And it’s the prostitute archetype. You strip that out and you have a coming together. But how do you strip that out?

And even within the meeting that was held it was almost impossible for anyone to communicate without the recognition that they are caught in the sway of these outer forces. In United States that may be caught up in possessory qualities of the prostitute archetype. It’s breaking down; it’s broken down in every way you look.

Now this isn’t true of everybody. There are some that actually understand this principle. The teacher understands it. The Druze sheik understood it. You could tell there were certain ones that were quiet. They understood this other going on and they held an attunement so that the loudness of this quality in the physical wouldn’t snuff out the other as an inner focus and attention of wholeness, of oneness.

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