Dark Matter

noqWhen we think that we are all the characters in our dreams, what does it say to us when we feel we are being chased in a dream, or find ourselves on the run? Well, it says that one part of us is trying to make a connection with another aspect of us, and we have a built-in resistance to it, like a psychology, fear, or defense mechanism that is preventing it from coming together. Because in a chase dream we actually want to be caught – then the connection is made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only thing I remember of my dream is I seem to be having a detailed dream in which I was being chased, and I having to go up on a rooftop. And I think I also felt more masculine in the dream, but I lost some of it waking up. I will have to see if it returns.

John: So what was the subject matter yesterday where you were being chased? That had to do with what we were looking at in terms of prostitute energy archetype, wasn’t it?

And so the energetic of being chased means that there’s something that you’re veiling yourself from which, when you catch up with it, it won’t even matter anymore. But until you catch up with it, it keeps an energetic vibration going and going and going.

Jeane: What’s difficult for me right now with my dreams is it seems like I’m struggling with dreams that are very dark, like everybody in it is in black or wearing black or the colors of the sky are obscure. There’s no color in my dreams, and it seems to be affecting the event in terms of my ability to pull them out.

John: Yeah, I know that. The reason why this is an issue is that, you may not think about this but it is kind of how a defense mechanism works. The defense mechanism is there to protect a person, to enable them to kind of continue in a particular motif that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to continue in, or be open to, if they didn’t have the defense mechanism.

In other words, the defense mechanism has this negative slant to it, but it actually has a positive feature. The positive feature is it is useful up to a degree, but it is a defense mechanism so it does have to go away eventually – but all in due time. And the defense mechanism in your nature is that you have on a psyche level… you put it on the psyche level, but it’s also on the solar plex level, this idea that in order for you to see things, in order for you to catch up with things, you need a certain energetic, you need this certain energetic to be able to lean upon. Or, in other words, kind of like as a tool.

And you’ve convinced yourself that if you don’t have that, and maybe it is more than just convincing, because when you don’t have that you feel that things… you lose the color of life, or something. It’s as if, for example, there is a masculine aspect of energy that has to come through to quicken something rising up inside of you for the sight that you need to be there. And you still perceive this on a solar plex level as something that needs to be effectuated. In other words, it’s not something that you see as possible or potential in and of yourself.

And therein lies the weakest part of the defense mechanism is that belief, and that’s the psyche imbalance. On the very strongest solar plex level, however, all of this is just sitting there ready to pop in who knows what kind of myriad ways. It’s as if the two centers, it’s as if the two levels, it’s as if something is going on there, and then there’s something after that. But right now there’s this and that that’s in play so that that other then pops open as the next step and the next level after that.

So you’re taking and you’re going over this over, and over, and over again, but until now it wasn’t recognized just how it was that the dynamic works. And on a subtler level there are forces going on that can’t seem to connect because of the denseness of things, and so what would be neat to try and hasn’t been tried before, is this whole idea of going ahead and figuring out how to play in manifestation in a way that is free, or is in a type of freedom that is, so that the subtler forces can come through, too.

It’s supposed to work that way. It just hasn’t been working that way. It’s as if the strongest of dense features, or dark energy or whatever it is, prevail, and rarely do you have a situation in which enough is set aside about the denser aspects of things, rarely do you have a situation in which you can have the dance of the subtler forces able to preside as well.

Of course what’s interesting about this is that most people don’t make the choice for something like this because when you make the choice of something like this there’s a lot of humor in it, there is a lot of giggle in that. There’s no seriousness in it, but in and of itself, for most people, this is stressful, this is nerve racking, this is scary, this gets in the way of how they see themselves. All kinds of peculiar things like that have to be contended with.

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