The Memory of Existence

Salvador Dali

However deep we go internally, or whatever heights we reach, in our spiritual journey it will always be with the tether of our existence in physical manifestation. Part of the reason for that is that we can’t be human without being in a physical body, and the universe wants for itself what we can be and do while in human form. Of course that is assuming we are doing what we have been designed to do. The truth is, however, that for most of us our human destiny is an abstract concept. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I see myself wake up and I am in a far, far away place, but even though this place is a long way from manifestation I am able to denote that there is always a faint memory: I know deep within about something like a thought, which actually takes you back to manifestation.

You can never totally blank out its existence somewhere deep within. It may look like it’s gone, but there’s a pause and then it comes back just like that dream before that this is kind of like correlated to. You go beyond to the poles and everything is at and you have to be rescued when you get that far out because you’ve lost all cognition.

And it’s the out-breath coming back down and you are bounded in manifestation, so it’s designed that way so we can never totally blank out its existence. There’s the malingering memory or thought. The out-breath takes you to that, and every thought then has to manifest. The more my attention goes to this place, faintly familiar within to begin with, the more my attention is taken up by the memory. Or you can go so far into it that the density of it has you trapped and you don’t have any close enough recognition of manifestation, or of the essence.

And the meaning is, we are in a physical world in manifestation that is there like a thought. No matter how far we may go within we cannot get totally away from this thought. We may in deepest meditation get to a place where the thought is almost forgotten through the all pervasive essence, but even then it echoes back because this is where we reside – basically speaking.

We reside in manifestation even though our soul, or the quality of us, is the essence. When put this way the idea that we actually go somewhere spiritually is an illusion because no matter what it is we experience within there is always more we are at physically speaking, even if it is nothing more initially than shock, it’s like a shock when something jerks you this way or that way, to suddenly perceive coming back into us as a distinct awareness.

And then I came to bed and then this is all explained through the breath. As we breathe in there is a prayer-full like thank you to our place within in which the essence exists. As we breathe out there is the memory of existence.

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