Able to Give

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Jessica Dunegan

It’s easy to wonder what a human could possibly do that could be helpful for the universe. How could one person be of use to the enormity of things? Well, in exactly the way that is described in this dream: by making a connection between things. Humans are unique in their ability to make connections between disparate things, and that’s an inspired act that can’t be programmed into the robotic unfolding of organic life. Of course, the key idea is that such connections support universal purpose, rather than just make a good sandwich. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remembered one dream. It felt like my dreams were jumbled up last night. But in the dream I had, I went over to the house. It was a really nice house, almost like a little mansion, and there was a woman in bed like she was sick or something that I was visiting.

When I got over there I realized what would help this woman had to do with getting her an iPad, and I’m almost like visiting her going around whoever her normal caretaker is, so I leave there and I leave there with two other young women that, or three of them, that I seem to be traveling with.

And I realize I have to find an iPad store, and two of the women leave and go into a little restaurant. But the third one goes on to where the store is, which seems to be on Miller Street. I have an idea of the street that the store’s on and what needs to be done, and that woman’s going to need me to help her figure out the iPad, so I can’t really take the time to stop at the restaurant for a drink or whatever with the other two.

And I have to find my way to Miller Street because it feels like the woman that wants me to help her with it has already gotten there and I don’t know where it is exactly. So this man gives me a ride up a real steep hill in like a Jeep or something, but the Jeep will only go to the top of the hill and then I have to walk over, then even cross over, at the little railroad tracks, and then I’ll have to go down somewhere steep.

I’m walking now and find the store on Miller Street. And it feels like I have a little tension because I wish the women hadn’t stopped at the restaurant so that we were all at the store together, and the delay that happened when I stopped to tell them that I was going on to the other store, I’m wondering if that delay will cause the woman that was in the store to not wait for me. So all of it feels a little tense at times, but I’m pretty sure I can find the store.

John: So you’re trying to establish a connection. In other words, you’re trying to find an iPad for this one woman. And the others that you’re with only create confusion in terms of doing that.

So it’s kind of an interesting dream from the standpoint that it’s a little bit opposite the way it would work from the masculine side of things. But from the feminine side of things, it involves opening up and finding out how to utilize, or how something is given.

In other words, how there is a linkage or a connection that’s made, that increases the overallness of something, and that you’re part of establishing or making this connection possible so that it happens. All you have to do to do that is to connect up with the whereabouts of things, and as soon as you do that then you can facilitate something that is needed so that it happens, and you can open and enable that to be understood in terms of how it works.

That’s a dream that shows the quality of the feminine being something which gives something into life, that when the feminine is just trying to find something for herself and whatnot there is something missing in life, but when she’s able to give something into life, then she is… that aspect of flow of energy, that’s what’s important. The masculine is having to find and pull together that way, and the feminine is having to give to make something complete by giving. So, it’s an interesting dream that’s showing a cohesion coming into place.

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