A Type of Shift

earths-magneticsWe have talked about the idea of holding an essence or a location inside oneself as a way to offer change into the world. The reason it is so important is that if it is in our energetic radiation, then it is able to touch the lives of everything we come in contact with. Other people’s systems can recognize the vibration – whether the people consciously do or not – and that is a kind of knowing that can make it possible for them to align to it as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the second dream [see A Subtle Difference]I seem to be like someone who’s maybe just around the end of college age, or maybe out of college shortly. I have a boyfriend but it’s like our relationship is still somewhat secretive. And he played football in college, but right now he’s in a play.

So I go to the play and I’m kind of watching him rehearse, and I’m watching though from a distance. And then when he leaves the play it feels like something’s happened, or somebody may think that he’s done something he hasn’t done, so he’s taken the license plate off his car and he’s kind of hidden it under his shirt.

And then he’s driven his car up this hill to a railroad trestle, and then it feels like you go down the other side so that’s kind of gotten him away from whatever occurred that people might think he did. Then he suddenly is where I’m at and we’ve gone around the corner a little because his mother’s nearby and we don’t want her to see us because we’ve kept our relationship secretive for now.

What he’s going to do is lift me up. We’ve gone into this kind of concrete building that’s a little bit outside and he’s going to lift me up over a barrier so that I can go inside, and at the same time I’m suddenly curious because I’m unclear about a sequence of events in his life, like I know that he went to Notre Dame for college, and I know that he was a football star, he’s kind of blonde and husky, but I don’t remember when he got into acting, like did he play football for Notre Dame and then get into acting?

So he’s explaining the time sequence to me and at the same time he’s listening over the barrier and giving me a really deep kiss. I wake up then, but I assume that is going to allow me to kind of go on to where I need to go right now.

John: It’s hard to see this as fairly common to the other, but it is, as part of the other. In other words, the key thing is in the denser is the prima materia or the roughshod quality of the football player, and that which makes no sense, that is the hidden development, the quiet development that is not necessarily recognized and seen, and it has two parts to it, the part that is kind of recognized and seen in the outer, but you have to look more deeply because there’s a hidden quality to that. That’s the drama, and that’s an effect that can intertwine and affect things in an intertwined way.

And you’re working upon that. The reason why there’s a hiddenness and the reason why there’s something that’s involved with you carrying on a relationship with that which is somehow or another kept quietly and secretly to yourselves, is because you’re able to support or bring in both qualities. In a masculine, linear world it’s kind of like one or the other. But you’re augmenting both. You’re drawing both. To draw both, to draw the hidden feature as well, you have to be in a state that can support that, and maintain that, without losing your own identity in the equation.

In other words, it involves a type of shifting. The rest of the world kind of knows him as like maybe a football player or something, and yet you know that he has this secret quality that softens his nature that has this drama background that is important for some reason that is hidden way, way back in terms of a deeper meaning to the wholeness of life. And in order for you to separate the two, the barrier, because there’s a barrier between you and him, you have to intertwine in a way so that you’re part of all of that, which is important, and that by being part of all of that which is important you’re able to sustain something from being lost.

So you are, in a dream like this, acknowledging and recognizing something that is important in spite of appearances that you can touch, and that you can bring forward and support in some subtle way so that it can be inclined to perhaps be able to see for itself as a consequence of what you did in a hidden way and mannerism that isn’t otherwise possible.

Some people can get it quickly, some get it more slowly, and this is a process and a practice and way of being that functions, that kind of functions in a manner and order in life that is outside of how other people even perceive things, so no one can even notice that you’re doing this.

In other words, here’s what makes doing this hard, what you’re doing hard, is there is a tendency to always want to have some sort of self-satisfaction, and to do this, to do it effectively, you have to kind of give up the self-satisfaction. You have to see the self-satisfaction come to a completion as a thought process in the eyes of someone else.

So at times you are giving and helping one get and receive and be in touch with that which on their own would be harder for them to do based upon the linearity, but at the same time that’s the degree to which you catch up with the self-satisfaction, but even then, because you don’t hold to this self-satisfaction being done for personal reasons, even then because you have kind of gone beyond that, hurts the inflection then so that they can see for themselves the limitations of that and take a step forward.

This again is further information along this process and mannerism that the feminine can do.

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