A Greater Spaciousness

oggmKCr7The horse is a very powerful animal, and in this dream we can see what happens when the main character tries to go for a ride. If we think of the horse as a new, untapped inner energy, then we can see that the route taken is not a direct one. First she goes somewhere else, then new clothes and a new saddle are needed, then chaos ensues and the clothes and saddle are lost. So what a dream image like this portrays is that sometimes things that we want to do, and are drawn to doing, we may still be unready to do.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This first dream is a dream that I had yesterday afternoon when I fell asleep in the chair. And in this dream I’ve gone to see a horse that is owned by someone who has like a horse farm. It’s someone else’s horse, but it’s okay if I go ride anytime I want, although the owner’s not around at the moment so I just go over to see the horse.

And then I go nearby, within walking distance, to a boarding school, which is also a riding school. In there I find an English riding saddle and a beige and white, or tan, very short outfit that goes with the saddle. And they’re both on sale for a very low price. I try it on and even though it is a pretty short outfit, and I’ve never ridden English style saddle before, I decide I’ll buy this, because I’m kind of intrigued that this is a real light saddle. I like that.

I try it on for my father who shows up, but he tells me he doesn’t think I should get it. I don’t know if he feels like it’s too short or just because I haven’t ridden English or what, but I don’t agree with him. I think it will be fine and it’s what they all wear when they ride.

Anyway, he leaves and I wander into the boarding school and in the chaos that’s going on in there I’m not certain where I put down the saddle and the outfit, and I know some of my hesitation was that maybe because the owner of the horse isn’t around if I put on the saddle and the outfit and everything and I went over there and I’ve never ridden English before it feels like it’s something maybe I should discuss with him.

But meanwhile I can’t seem to find the saddle and the outfit, and I know there’s a room where the sales are going on that I can probably find another outfit, but I really want to find the one I already set down. But as I turn around it’s like this school is rabbit warren of rooms, it was like little rooms going up and down and all around, and people crowded in them, and stuff they’ve left in them. And I have to try to find my way back to where I set down the one I wanted, or to the room where other saddles would be on sale, and there are people crawling this way and that and it’s just chaos.

I’m about to start to tackle this to find it and that was when the phone rang and I got woken up.

John: So the dream starts off where you are actually coming in to a recognition of the power in terms of what it looks like, and what you think you need. And you actually take it on, which means that you decide that you can handle this and so you, so to speak, put it on as an attire.

But you’re kind of jumping the gun a bit, and it doesn’t reach the approval of, you might say, the teacher even, or the father, because there’s something… yes, you can wear something like this but does it become you? And so in a sense that way of you shifting to first of all catch up with the power, and then take it on so that you’re actually living it, isn’t quite right yet.

So, as a consequence, it doesn’t quite fit or it’s not quite within the harmony of the whole and, therefore, in the greater scenario or complex of life you’re not able to find it, or sustain it, or to sort it out, in other words to actually live it because you’re not quite there yet.

It’s interesting though that the process, the approach, the focus is right. It’s just that the fullness of time for this to be, in terms of the greater overall, there’s still more spaciousness of your being that’s needed for this to be taken on. For you to have an access, and be able to test on the clothes or whatever or the attire of wearing, and riding, and being in this power means that you have or are seeing yourself as having a sort of harmony and, therefore, there can be something that emerges because you can see a certain harmony in your nature coming together so that you can live it. But in the greater spaciousness of things, it’s not quite right yet.

That’s quite a dream. It’s a deep dream.

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