Breaking Free

1ebaDoesn’t it always seem that we feel a bit trapped and frustrated before we make a big breakthrough? Perhaps that’s because we already have a sense of the new territory we want to move into, which makes us even more determined to get there, and that is when we reach inside ourselves for whatever is needed, that last piece of the puzzle, before we can proceed forward. Until then, we feel trapped by our own circumstances. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So last night’s dream it’s like I’m with a group of people, including my husband, and we get captured, and we’re captured and we’re kind of kept in some kind of a camp. And one of the people who’s high up with a group of people that captured us has an interest in me, so I’m kind of playing that a little, just staying a little out of reach, and playing on his interest to buy time because I have a feeling that usually they just kill you. So it’s like any kind of connection with my husband is kept a little hidden.

So, I’m trying to stay out of reach and play this along a little until I can maybe make an escape. And as the dream goes on, it suddenly feels like our group has grown. I don’t feel quite as much at risk of being assassinated. I’ve been gathering information and I’ve actually, through information I’ve gathered, been able to come up with a map so that a group of us, if not all of us, can escape from the camp.

And for some reason I’ve gone to what almost looks like an amusement park, but it’s actually for exercise, too, and there’s a contraption there that I get on that I feel like will help me exercise and it’s a really odd contraption. You like buckle yourself in and then it takes you really high in the air and maybe it flips you over, and it may either have you dive down on your side or dive down and come up the other side, and then it swings back. It’s very complex. But one of the motions, I don’t quite like diving down just looking straight down, I tend to turn on my side or something to cut it a bit – and somehow I kind of drop the map.

And there’s a woman I’ve never seen before that finds it, so I get down off the contraption and I go over and I take it back right away, but I realize she saw it. Not only that, I realize she looks like no one I’ve ever seen before, and so she makes me aware that there’s another group of people that have been captured at some point, that have a community somewhere on this world that I never knew about.

And I can tell they would like to escape, too, but our escape is planned for the next day so we don’t have time to find her and her community. I just know that she had a glimpse of the map before I hid it again. And I kind of regret that, but our plan is for us to escape the next day and by now we’ve got the responsibility to get the whole community out of there. So I wish I had time to stay and maybe map out where this new group lived so we could all escape, but there doesn’t seem to be that feature.

Well, the next day is the day we’re supposed to escape, so it’s almost like the people that normally monitor us are back in their own village more that day so that’s why we’re going to get into the woods and use our map and get away. Well, first we have to make a stop and it seems to be at the home of this Chinese master, or Oriental master of some kind. You can’t really tell him what you’re doing, but I think I just stopped briefly at his house before we go on to where we go next.

We’re still disguising our intent, but with a large group now, just when we should really be getting into whatever transportation we’re using, or getting hidden, suddenly the children have to go to the bathroom. I kind of even get annoyed with the mother and pushing her and saying you know, we just have to do this now and trying to hurry people along.

Then I go outside and I see that across the road where a fence is maybe there’s a graveyard or something, and some of the women from the enemy camp in a sense are out there for some reason that day and they may see us. So I’m trying to disguise this so they don’t see us, trying to get everybody loaded in some kind of a vehicle, but they’re all scattered out a bit.

And then I notice when I peek around the corner that they actually have some spies from the enemy camp up in trees, so if we don’t get anybody kind of hidden in the vehicles and stuff were kind of… this whole thing is beginning to look kind of impossible to get away.

John: You’re exploring the Moses side of your nature. It’s actually said that within a person’s psyche or synapses, or however you would describe it, that they carry the various levels of the prophet, so to speak. They carry Abraham, Adam, Moses, Christ, Mohammad, Buddha. You know, you carry all of this sort of stuff somehow or another in your nature as an expression of something that is part of your overall wholeness.

And in the Moses side of your nature, you’re looking for spaciousness. In other words, you’re feeling pinned in, or trapped, and that you have to break free – or as Moses would say, “Let my people go” or something. You have to break free. And in breaking free you have to deal with all of the issues that come up with spaciousness, in a spaciousness, in terms of establishing a spaciousness.

In other words, to start off with it keeps growing and growing and growing. What is the wholeness even because even issues and questions of a personified spaciousness and then there’s the complexity as you dwell upon what has to be done where you get overly indulgent in terms of the concern of this, and the concern of that, which then can start to collapse the spaciousness because there are guards, there are spies, there are this, there’s that.

So it’s an interesting way of looking at a side of yourself that is waking up, and just like in your previous dream there was the limitation of spaciousness in terms of being able to take on the power. In this dream you’re again able to feel the heebie-jeebies and the impingements of the vibration of things when they’re trapped in a lack of spaciousness, or feeling the whole characteristics of that.

Yeah, it’s like the Moses side of yourself was the thing that popped in. It’s like retelling the story in a whole other way.

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