The Subtle Energy

phuAccessing something new on the inner, energetic levels is just like taking on something new in the outer world: at first we can feel overwhelmed by all the new and unfamiliar stimulus until, over time, we learn how to rebalance to accommodate what we are dealing with. Until then we all have all sorts of strategies we use to shrink the enormity of what is new down to a smaller, more manageable size. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It feels like my earlier dreams are just about how to get out of somewhere when we’re being bombarded. I don’t remember anything that specific about them other than trying to avoid getting hit by things. They’re just kind of very action-oriented trying to keep on the move and not get trapped, or not get hit by things they were bombarding us with. Then it goes into a slower dream.

In the slower dream, it’s like I’ve traveled to Italy, and when I’m there like I’m in a car with someone like you, but then I meet up with my friend, Michael, and a guy that he’s with that I think is Italian, plus we have a baby with us. But I’m actually kind of hooking up with Michael. Plus we’re trying to figure out ways of staying in Italy for a year or so.

Then there seems to be some discussion about what village we stay in. We’ve gotten out and we’ve been walking around a town that I think is kind of ideal, and he feels like we should be in something which is more rural with a lot of hiking and stuff.

And meanwhile we fast forward a little bit and I’ve gone into town and I’ve met a man who’s fairly powerful and I seem to have a room right next to his like we can kind of see what the other person’s doing. I can see when he’s talking to the executives at his company and, even though I don’t speak a lot of Italian, I can occasionally notice how he’s organizing something and show him how to organize it a little better. So I’m feeling like maybe I can work for him or even volunteer for him occasionally, and that gives me some work or something to focus on to do in this town.

And also I’m kind of picking up some garbage, just some paper and stuff that fell on the floor, and deciding how to organize where that goes, like even just organizing which garbage can it goes in and kind of focusing on how I can operate even though I may not know the language well. I can still tell sometimes by looking at numbers, or pictures, or how something’s done how things should go.

John: The first part that had to do with being bombarded with something, that had to be slowed down, condensed to a slower pace that you were able to handle because the sensation of being bombarded was actually a spatiality, a greater spatiality coming at you and you either can handle the greater spatiality or you can’t.

Where you see this all the time is if you’re talking to someone and they can’t quite understand what it is that you’re saying, and then they have to keep condensing it or looking at it in a very narrow, narrow way. That’s because they can’t handle the spatiality. And in a dream like you had it has the sensation of bombardment or something and so you take it back to something that you can handle, which is the ability to kind of move off into the country.

So basically you’re finding a pace, you’re finding a means and a pace upon which you can function, or relate, or be in the outer. The greater spatiality leads to having to have the ability to take in more of a kind of overall perspective, like an inner sight of something. It’s more light oriented, and the closing of it down and being able to function viably is more of the sound orientation – it’s kind of accepting the microcosmic limitations, if one wanted to call it limitations, of being in the physical.

One’s greater spatiality, which is more in the expansive of things, that’s more like an energy that when it comes through has all of the greater components to it in terms of what can be. Then there’s the utilization of that in a way so that it doesn’t throw one’s self around, which is the scenario that you have, which creates a nice even flow kind of balanced life that can go back and have the old world charm and all of that, too.

There’s nothing wrong with either of it other than the fact that if you’re under stress in some regard it’s almost as if you need to lean on both harmony and spatiality in order to function and work in a viable way, or to be able to offer something in a viable mannerism. It’s kind of like on this path you have something that can increase your overall spatiality or sense of things, and that’s like a type of speeding up, too, whenever you have a greater spatiality because you have a greater perception of things.

Initially, that’s a problem because it strikes into whether or not there is a harmony or balance in terms of how it is that something is coming through. In your particular, case the nature of the bombardment was such that it just needed to be turned back or, as a teacher would say, tuning the energy down, and a person does this fine. And in this particular case that shows you then holding an overallness then that is more ordinary with simplification in life as opposed to having to contend with things as if there’s a bombardment, as you would say, coming through.

Now the energies that come through set up almost kind of like a 3-D dimensional mannerism to your nature. In other words, when you slow it down to something that’s more palpable, when you’re working with it as an aspect of an involvement in creation, the variables are limited -meaning it’s like a type of depth perception is taken out. When you’re hit with something in a spatiality that has to take into account other things, what I mean by depth perception maybe can best be explained by a type of subtleness. In other words, you are able to experience something in a formatted or in a manneristic way that doesn’t cause you too much reactiveness, or overall having to contend, because you could get overly reactive, too, if you’re having to deal with things that are too subtle.

And so then you’re able to cope with the setup of an environment that’s just fine, but if you’re having to look at the very subtle of things as well, then you don’t experience something in a yes or a no or any kind of straightforward way. You have to experience it in terms of a type of depth perception as well, which is considered a subtle nature, and so it just includes greater variables. Whenever you narrow something down or have something defined you’re cutting out a certain degree of spatiality, and when you’re including more subtle quality nature of your being, and you’re factoring that in, you’re feeling the give and take, the normal give and take, and then you’re feeling the subtle effects.

I call it like maybe a type of 3-D, but it’s like a type of depth perception and it can vary and undulate in relationship to something that’s more straightforward. And when you feel that sort of thing it’s a greater spatiality. When you take and you condense or you do something in particular or have something defined in particular, a style or a lifestyle in particular, at some point in time that can get to be a type of nausea because you can yearn for that subtleness or that additional depth perception. It’s very hard for a human being to function with that, however, because they’re used to tracking in a particular way, in other words, in a particular formatted or straightforward way. And here you have to accommodate variables and accept the accommodation of the variables and be okay with that, and be in harmony with whatever those variables are – no matter what and how they are. That’s part of the subtleness of your being coming to the forefront that’s part of a greater spatiality.

So, even though it’s not real easy to see that, that’s what the bombardment was. The bombardment was something that could create a greater spatiality because there was more subtle energy and all of that sort of stuff in there, but you experienced it as something that stirred you up and then you took and you went to making it more palpable; by tuning the energy down, you function just fine, or by adjusting it in a way so that you didn’t have to take on that spatiality.

The dilemma of the turning something down though is I don’t think that it ends it, I think it just suspends it because I think that in life there is this subtle energy, too, that puts you into kind of an emptiness, or some other place, in terms of a combining of inner and outer as part of the inner coming in in all of its essence and greater soul-quality nature. And I think that that is all part of the process. It’s just a question of how it’s reached.

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