Outside Help

R. S. Connett

If we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, it’s fascinating to see how this dream unfolds. First Jeane is with a female friend (a feminine aspect), but she leaves and goes on ahead. She is left with a man (a masculine aspect) who is going to show her how to get somewhere she wants to go. But he needs her help, too, and she is too skittish to deliver the help that is needed. And from the moment she is unable to provide the needed help, things turn to the strange – weird masculine beings lurking under the surface of the lake. If her character had been able to give the injection, the rest of the journey may have been very different. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this dream that I had yesterday afternoon, I’m in a desert land with several people I know. One of them is an Israeli lady that I knew from years ago, who was a friend, and a friend of hers and they’re going to show me how to get where I want to go – but she goes on ahead of us at least a day.

And he is escorting me, in other words the man, her friend stayed with me to show me how to get there, but he stops at some point and goes into like a cave area, which also seems to have rooms in it, like it’s a building that’s been built in a cave almost. But there’s sand kind of blowing around and before we can continue on, he needs an injection. And there’s a woman there and she wants me to give him the injection, but it’s this really long needle with this little drip of something coming out of the top of it, and I’m kind of hesitant and I ask her to do it.

But then I think she’s going to be too rough, but she just laughs and goes ahead and gives him the shot. It’s like he puts something on which I never noticed before and then we go out to continue on our journey. Oh, I notice he fitted a brace on his left leg and I’d never noticed that he was wearing a brace before, and we go out to continue on our journey.

And now I’m a little concerned if this journey is hard on him, but the next thing I know we have to step a bit, or skirt around a lake, and we have to step in the water slightly. I see tiny, they’re almost like very tiny alligators, and he kind of points out and makes some cautioning comments about being very careful in this water. I’m not going far within it. It doesn’t seem like very safe water.

And we seem to go somewhere just a few minutes where we have to step in the water and then we turn around and we’re coming back through the water a bit, and now the water, once we have to step in it a bit, it suddenly is blanketed and covered with what looks like snow. And he seems to be making some cautionary comments to keep moving, and I kind of look over my shoulder in the snow and some boulders up on the other side of where the snow covers the lake and everything, and it feels like it almost uncovers huge people within that are behaving kind of lasciviously. And like the snow just might move aside for a second and you can kind of see these people. They’re much bigger than we are. And I realize it’s better not to look upon them and just to keep moving along where we’re going.

John: The first part has to do with a quality. My first reaction was I was afraid that it might be that way, too, and that is that the guy that is leading the way is actually trying to keep up with something that was shown to him by another woman, and that there’s a certain disorientation involved because you’re depending upon that – as opposed to depending upon your own sight that goes right through that.

And, as a consequence, things stay more hidden than they need to stay hidden. In other words, as you get into an area if the unfoldment is as it’s meant to be in kind of a divine way, then what is in front of you that’s gracefully unfolding are things that aren’t quite understandable.

Now, the sight and the knowing of all of that is possible if you close the gap. Now, you had the opportunity to close the gap because you could have helped heal the situation or take in and been involved in the healing of something that was wrong with the guy, but instead you deferred to let some other woman do it.

Now, in each of those instances there is a reliance upon something outside of yourself. If you relied upon the connectivity coming strictly from you in terms of the masculine connection that has to do with the sight, then as things unfolded you’d have a better perception of what was there. Otherwise, you continue to keep sorting it out because you haven’t quite fully taken on the fullness of what can be taken on. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

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