Needing Nothing

pentecostTrusting in the universe to guide us is an ancient idea, but never has it been further from the lives we lead. Part of that is because the universe isn’t designed to provide manmade things, like jobs or rent. Still, we can surrender to the universe in our choices, because it can guide us to the best energetic opportunities in our path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I find that I am alone in the world, and I don’t have any possessions and very little money in my pocket. Before setting out to hitchhike a ride to another place I take one last look at a van that a friend of mine has abandoned, that I’m allowed to use because I have been working with him but now he has gone away from that van, and has gone out of life, disappeared.

He and I in the past have been kind of kindred spirits so I have never been interested in anything that he had because I was always in a different space and he was always just getting by. In other words, he never ever had much to his name and barely two pennies to scrape together, so I am surprised to find in this van a little money laying there. No one has come by and gone into this van that’s been abandoned for a long time and picked up – probably because when they just glanced inside it looked like it was just a mess, or people considered the van to be of no material value and that everything in there was junk.

So I go inside and what I do is I pick up the amount of money there, not that I need it, but who knows, it might come in handy so I put it in my pocket. And then, of course, then I proceed out. I’m not going to spend the money for how it is that I intertwine because I know that there is something about my nature, or being, or the way that I am that I will be provided for, or given a ride to wherever I need to go. I don’t know where that is, and it just doesn’t matter.

So, what effused this kind of energetic in my nature as a dream? The vibration I carry about me in the dream is similar to the following sense I have about my whereabouts. I know that there is a subtle energy that has an aliveness in the whole of life that I am able to access as greater consciousness when I am not prisoner to dense and established mannerisms and ideals.

The spaciousness I feel is complete in and of itself when I access this subtle, all-encompassing, and trusting energy (trustworthy). I have no worries or concern. I do not need to devise a plan. The spirit energy I feel within guides and takes care of my being. I am able to flow through manifestation without holding on to defined mannerisms because this subtle energy sweeps through my consciousness with an all-pervading energetic that I belong to, or that I flow with.

So what I am feeling is the subtle soul energy as spirit imbedded in all there is. I am so immersed in this that I no longer look for satisfaction in creature comforts like everyone else. The fact I stumbled across a little money that has been left behind is an image that shows that I no longer rely or look in that direction in terms of myself. This doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

I am at peace with who and what I am as I am a being that permeates my essence into the greater all there is because what that is, as an emptiness or overallness, is me. I am where I hold true to a subtle energy veiled by identifications that permeate into all there is. The vibration has an ever increasing effect upon the beingness of all there is in manifestation.

This is so because I am in touch with such subtle energies within and am not bound by the sensation of the mind senses. This leaves me free to move about in the outer able to touch life without a personal need to have to identify with any given ways or means of the illusory outer. I can be like this because I abide in an epicenter which permeates in a subtle energetic vibratory way into all there is. I have hidden the outer manifested ways and mannerisms from myself because it is simpler for me to take the inner heartfulness and know that is my underlying overall beingness.

To be like this is to have a sense of what is possible in the whole, because when I am in this subtle energy it permeates and touches the deeper essence of matter. To be like this is to feel wonderful. To identify with the outer cause and effects of the collateral burdens the heart; I mean, that’s the opposite of that. The weight is like chains of suffering which separate me from the wholeness of all there is.

And when I get away from that and I’m like this in the subtle energy I need nothing because I am not identifying with the outer conditions for my well being. Instead, I am in essence which touches all there is from within.

That is why I am able to have a surreal dream and be at peace in not having to reside in some dense definition in manifestation for defensive security purposes.

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