Nothing is Isolated

ser_graphWe can see in the outer world how far away events can have ramifications close by. But it’s also interesting to consider this aspect on an inner level: No matter how spiritual we may be, we are also never too far from our worst instincts. It generally just depends upon the situation or the trigger. So our development needs to be an imprint upon us that reconciles the multiple aspects of our inner life into being aligned toward our greater human purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream there is a person who I do not know very well who is bleeding. I do something to stop the immediate bleeding.

Suddenly I realize that I have gotten blood on my hands – which I’ve rubbed in. It’s not visible. I kind of rubbed it into the hand, or absolved it so to speak. Even though it is no longer visible, I can still tell that there is an effect as I ponder touching a sore area on my body, in other words, could I get spores or infection or something in myself? So I pause, and in pausing wake up not yet comfortable that I am able to handle this, what might take place.

Meaning, because I see this, I am looking at what it takes to take on full responsibility.

So the next dream I have I find myself in a marketplace that’s crowded with people, and if you got separated you could get lost because of the crowd. And I’m following a woman who’s having no trouble walking along, but I keep falling further back. And I reach a point where I’m about to lose her. And, of course, as the woman gets further away I actually have a harder time keeping up, too. So she stops, extends her hand, and I am able to catch up.

So the vibratory significance of this is, when I had nearly gotten lost from having fallen so far back, I was also losing hope and heartfulness. In other words, when you lose a certain heartfulness your energy slows down, and when your energy slows down then hope gets lost, too. So these two traits are essential for me to keep up: when the heartfulness goes, hope falls away and despair can set in. So that’s an interesting dream.

And in the next dream, I’m again back in the marketplace of life and in the distance this time I see smoke. I know that where there is smoke that this is generally associated with fire. My take on it initially is that this is in a controlled area. In other words, you can see it, it’s a plume out there, but it can be dealt with.

But then as I settle back it’s almost as if this was an image that busted through to something like a greater understanding. As I settle back I realize that if you have this in a small scenario setting, because there are no isolations anymore, and nothing is really isolated like it used to be, everything is vibrationally intertwined, then what is happening here is everywhere – although the effect may be of a lesser or different degree.

The meaning, of course, is the protection is not what it needs to be, or what it used to be, where you can have different things happening in different parts of the world in that there was a veil between the planes, and between space of things – but that has narrowed. Everything has kind of come together. Consequently, I know that all of life is caught up in some degree or another with whatever it is that is happening at any given place. It’s just a question of degree to which it filtrates across, or affects, or infects.

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