Alchemical-Egg-04We often may have images of terrible things or people in our dreams, and here is a good example. But what should be remembered is that the terrible person, in this case Saddam Hussein, is really just a manifestation of what we fear, or the size of that fear, in terms of our ability to deal with it. Because many of our dreams are trying to help us make deeper inner connections – for our own good – yet we still have deep-seated resistance because of our psychologies or experiences. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream initially I’m in what feels like an international office building setting, or somewhere where conferences are held, and it feels like there’s someone big kind of like Saddam Hussein in the background, and then there’s something smaller going on in front. And it’s like I’m trying to pull things together, but I just can’t get them to pull together.

And then it shifts and I’m going to an exercise area, and in this exercise area they have almost like these contraptions that you get on and you peddle, but you go back and forth as you peddle, and you have a coach that’s coaching us for some contest in the future; there’s just a group of us.

But the important thing seems to be what we put on our feet: there’s some kind of a colored slipper that slips on over whatever we have on our foot, and then we’re peddling with that, or pushing back and forth with that. It’s important like what color they are, and where we store them, because I might come in and one day one contraption that I peddle on will be facing one way, and it’s facing another way the next day. That doesn’t seem as important as keeping track of the slippers that you wear, and where you put them, and how you cared for them.

And then there’s another shift and I seem to be following a friend of mine from high school. She’s very bright. She died actually, about two years ago, of a brain tumor, but she’s alive in the dream. And I’m following her to her house, but I have to pause for a second and she goes in, and I walk around this big hedge and I’m a little impatient. I want to go in the house, but then she phones me on this weird cellphone I’m carrying, so I have to figure out how it works.

And then she and I have to go off to another meeting like we had in the very beginning, because we go back into a large office building or formal building in the city, and again it feels like there’s some kind of international meeting happening where you’re trying to bring something bigger that’s happening together with something smaller – but it’s like we just can’t quite seem to do it -so it’s very frustrating.

John: That’s an alienation dream, too, just like my dream let me feeling wounded. This could in one sense be like that, too. In other words, you start off with something that’s real big, and then something in which there’s meetings that are happening. But the meetings that are happening in relationship to something like a Saddam Hussein it seems like too great an extreme. In other words, it’s like his presence pretty much predominates.

And then you’re going to have some little side meetings as he sitting at a table. He has to be integrated in, or something has to be properly intertwined. And then, in the next phase, you’re realizing that there has to be a particular way in which something is able to transition or happen. In other words, things have their definition.

And so in order to deal with how something has its definition in the way it functions, you are required to realize that it makes a difference what colored socks you even put on, in other words, how you accommodate your demeanor in order to make things work.

And then you’re back into a scenario again in which, okay, you’ve already had the introduction of something in terms of the gap cannot quite be closed between something that’s a bunch of meetings over issues, and something that has this absolute Saddam Hussein quality. And you had the part of yourself that figured out how to steer or direct itself in relationship to a particular quality of the way something wants to be seen, or experienced, in other words utilizing only a certain facet of information, or a certain facet of insight, that’s what light is. Light has various components to it.

So, now you’re back to the conference again. So things do not get properly integrated because you accommodate a particular way, in the second phase, as almost a coping device, and you have to be able to be at all extremes. And if you find yourself off to one side just with one light, and then there’s information that comes separately in another way, how are you going to then, bifurcated like this, how are you going to bring things together? In other words, the part of yourself that goes off to one side cannot receive information, in the regard to which another part of yourself can receive the information, and you can’t take those two parts then in which one part has a certain information that the other doesn’t have, and take it back in to an overall situation that is happening in front of you – and it’s happening with you, and is part of the whole.

So the whole thing started with the situation being way too much in terms of the power of, and the presence of, say Saddam Hussein, and then all of these mannerisms and means that existed out there to try to accommodate in their own way, but that didn’t take into account Saddam Hussein. And somehow you knew that something was amiss, and so you are damaged by that scenario because everything is alive. And so you find yourself coming to this illusion conclusion, the illusion conclusion, that you function by taking on a quality of an attire that fits the situation.

To a certain degree that’s true, and it works, but then when thrown back into the main crux of things the information you get there, if you hold to that you find yourself off to one side and you don’t get the same information, or the memo, that can be gotten if you were able to be all embracing, or all-inclusive. And you can think, you might even think, that you are functioning okay, but when you’re thrown into the collective again, into the big meeting equation of things, you find that you’re missing something yet again. What you’re hearing is one thing, and what that’s all about is another thing, and you have to shift and you have to be able to adjust.

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