Pushing Barriers

48_nSo much of our development can be viewed as making internal connections that, somewhere along the line, became disconnected, whether from early circumstances or experiences – as well as the time we have been born into. By making these internal connections we begin to return to our natural state, and the systems begin to operate as they are designed to operate. In other words, what we seek is also what we are designed to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dreams last night felt a little agitating: they would come in and they would go so fast and then I couldn’t hold onto them, and some of the times they were just images. Like a real early image it feels like I’m holding something and it’s just got a lot of green hot sauce on it.

The dream I remember the most, it’s like the Sufi center has moved to some place in the city, in San Francisco I think, so we’re going down there to visit and it’s a little complicated to find it. And then when we get there, it’s this big house and it has different levels, and different rooms, and people live there as well as meet there, and they’re having a business meeting in one room, so one can’t quite figure out where to go yet.

I happen to go in one room and there’s a woman that is from the center, and she’s just woken up in that room and she really wants a Coke or something. She wants me to go get it for her. So she gives me instructions, like there may be somewhere you can go in that same building, but I can’t quite figure it out and I know there was a restaurant we’d passed on the way there, so I’m going to go get her what she wants. It needs to be cold and all this, so I go past one meeting room and I just see people having a meeting there, but it’s kind of a business meeting. There’s another room; I kind of get lost in the one. I see another room with a light behind it and I realize I can’t go down that way.

So I finally find a way out of the building. I go out and it’s actually quite dark out. It must be late at night and, I hadn’t realized it, but there’s construction going on and the street even looks a little dangerous. There’s a group that looks like teen hoodlums right there, and then I can see about a block away where the lights start where I can be.  There’s actually one of the teen guys comes up and touches me and my purse, as though he’s going to take it, and I look at him and then he just shakes his head like he’s not going to take it and he goes away, he goes back to the group of kids he’s with.

And then I kind of get across the street and then I find the store. Well, I go in the store, but they just have odd drinks and odd-shaped bottles, or bottles that are too big and I’m having trouble finding what it is I want to take back to the gal that wants it. That’s just all I remember of the dream.

John: Well, the template for the dream was the very beginning where something is speeded up so it’s hard to pull down. In other words, you’re approaching everything with a kind of dynamic that is more active, and when you get more active it’s more associated with kind of a quality of the masculine where you get kind of speeded up or something, and it’s more active.

And there’s something nice about that but, it’s also very discombobulating to a certain kind of quality of the feminine that takes, and sits, and is able to hold a space, and doesn’t run around to the edges of things. The masculine is inclined to run around to the edges of things.

And what you’re going out to get and whatnot, everything you’re doing, involves bumping up against… in other words, you have a connection that’s inside of the place, but at the same time you’re pushing the barriers. You’re not losing, you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re not taking and compromising anything, you’re just taking on another faster, more expressive, more outspoken or out mannered part of yourself – which tends to be more like the masculine.

This dream has you vaulting about, doing it well. And when you do this it can be like a type of speeding up where it’s harder to pull down the dream images.

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