spaces_dlIf we think about the areas where fresh-water rivers meet the tides of saltwater seas, we can begin to understand the relationship we, as humans, must form with the higher energetic realms. What we seek to connect to is a finer energy than human life, but it cannot change itself to merge with us, only humans can change themselves to meet with things higher. That is one of the great gifts of human life. But it means we have to be right for them, not the other way around. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I have a distinct realization that I am returning to a place in which women affect and influence the atmosphere of the place. The sensation is that I am in some other zone, and then there’s this whole spatiality, or spirit energy, in between, and that spirit energy in between is like the stuff that kind of gets thrown out this way, and that way, and has to be sorted out. And if you collapse that, then you bring something from there into something here.

And so I have a lot of speeded up energy in my nature and find myself having to apologize for having been too flippant as I come into this place where the human energy holds a certain quality, a certain overall space. And being speeded up I say something that actually is deemed to be “No, that is not what you really mean.” And so you have to apologize because it’s not in honor with the space that the women are holding.

By doing that I close the gap of being so weak with my energy because of the distance of the in-between spirit nature. In other words, I’m from something else, then there’s this energy in between, and then there’s the feminine energy zone. And it’s this energy in-between that keeps this and the other from connecting, and it’s that that creates the commotion and stuff that creates the imbalance.

When I bring the energy back down to close the gap from being somewhere else, and using this gap in between as a veil or sifter, when I do this, this is when I have the memory of having been here before. And in this memory of having been here before, I realize that at that time I maintained this energetic in between and it didn’t quite feel right, but it was really wonderful if I could have maintained it, but I could remember it.

This time I’m able to let go of it. So, as I said, my problem then was that there was a part of myself that could see how it was to be in this place but only if I was able to keep the energetic veil that I carried as an in between transmitted vibratoriness. So, this vibratoriness kept me from letting go in this place to appreciate the beauty and wonder that is here.

But in all instances, including in this instance, I am welcomed, not rejected. My problem is in accepting the invitation. To do that I cannot relate from the energetic space, or the in-between that is, that I think I need to hold onto. And so when I do I insult the naturalness of the place and, like it or not, need to apologize for my behavior.

In the dream, apologizing is hard to do because there is a way of looking at how I am and liking this part of myself as I am, but when I pause and feel what it is truly like to be here in this place I notice how much I have suffered rationalizing this in-betweenness, which is kind of the zone in which you sort things out and figure things out – as if that was all controlling, but all that it does is try to establish particularities and patterns and such.

So if I bring this to this place I cannot be really here unless I am kind of aloof in this otherness energetic in between. So if I drop that, then there is this amazing cohesiveness that’s natural.

It is kind of like a dream of inner coming into outer, is what it kind of is, with this other that has got this whole dance in between of the mannerism between the two suddenly just dropping away, not having to be there. In other words, it’s a dream in which you feel the sensation of this in-between vibratory speeded energy. You see how that can go and have its way that is too much for something that is in the outer, and needs to be softened or turned in a way so that you pull right into the outer, so that it communes right into the outer.

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