Bringing it Together

Hubble-573281We’ve seen in dreams how different characters are chasing or running away, when what really is meant to happen is a meeting and a connection between them. In this imagery, the need to make a connection has turned into a type of nagging, where a bill collector is hassling someone. As our dreams unfold, over a single night, or over many nights, the things we continue to resist will become louder and louder, and more insistent, until we get the message. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This is a dream I had more as I was waking up. In this dream I’m working in an office and like there’s somebody else in the office. It almost feels like a boss that has a desk there, and I have a desk there, but otherwise it’s pretty open.

And it feels like I’ve also gone back to boot camp, and there’s a bill collector of some kind that’s come in and it feels like a bill collector for the mob. They’re real aggressive and they’re hassling me. The boss’ approach is you don’t even talk to these people, but for some reason they’re giving me so much of a hard time that I make them come over to my desk and I make them start telling me something – instead of just hassling me for something they want, I make them start telling me how much it is they’re actually trying to get.

It’s like then I see this catalog and I see somebody ordering something from a catalog. Maybe they wrote a bad check. So, I get the amount, which is $1,500 or $1,600, and then I try to get the name of the person. They’re acting like I did this, and so I’m trying to get the name of the person, but it’s a very odd name, almost like they must have come from a different country because I can’t even quite get the name because it’s such an odd name.

So then I want to talk to this person’s boss. I want them to connect me on the phone with the boss because obviously the name of the person that did this, it can’t be me, but I need to try to get to the bottom of it in a way so that I can get them out of there so they’re not hassling us. Anyway, that was when I woke up.

John: So what you dreamt before, of course, is a bit much, and in order to repeat the thing to show how it is that you kind of handle it yet, and don’t quite pull it together, you dream the two polarities only you give them two different words: one is the office setting, and the other is boot camp.

Now, somehow or another, these two are opposite each other. But because they’re opposite of each other, the experience of each, by experiencing one and experiencing the other, it sets in motion something that causes something to rise up in between, you know, almost as a byproduct of trying to bring the two ways of flowing together. And that byproduct in between is something that is hassling you like a bill collector, or an obligation, or something that you need to contend with.

And in the dream you still have your reactions towards that in terms of pushing it away from yourself. First you may try to figure it out, or to figure out how to contend with it, or address it or deal with it, but in the end you push it away. And, oddly enough, this is just another dream that’s showing the dichotomy and why it’s so difficult to bring the inner and the outer together, or the masculine and the feminine, or the kundalini energy of the wholeness – both in terms of the part that’s here in creation, and the part that’s out of creation that comes from the will of something somewhere else.

How do you bring that together? And, of course, it’s one third here and two thirds on the other side. I’m starting to think that that two thirds on the other side has to be split in half again, too, in which there’s the one third, and then the one third, and then the other one third. The other one third is when something is complete in and of itself it is able to hear and follow and abide by, almost be in a state of a wholeness. In other words, it’s not just complete anymore, but it is able to follow the quality of something as if it is that, but it’s not that. That’s the other one third in terms of the world.

But you have to put the two together, the soul qualities together, so as above, so below is able to exist – and then you have an interesting motion and flow that can occur.

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