Medicine to the Soul

tree_of_life2It’s easy to understand the problems that arise when we break a leg or sprain an ankle. But at the level of the soul, we can have similar problems caused by imbalances. And one of the key imbalances that is epidemic in life today is the relationship between the masculine and feminine aspects within a person. When these are not in sync or harmony, we find ourselves always in a state of unease, and that is magnified by the pressures of the world we live in. Still, by balancing these elements within ourselves, we can heal on an inner level – which is our best immunity from everything else. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this meditation dream I am in a place in which what is going on in the setting is a melting pot of diverse activities. In other words, it’s like nobody is projecting or putting anything out on anyone. There are a lot of people or activity that’s there, but no one is laying a trip on anyone else. I mean, on one place you have maybe a livery stable, about as bland as bland can get. Who cares about a livery stable? It has a certain quietness to it. And in another area without a wall is a person who’s just busy working and building and doing something, and he is just maintaining a focus of whatever his little workshop is about.

Now all around you have this and that and this and that, and then you have people kind of coming and flowing through this that just kind of glance at this stuff and everyone that kind of comes into this area, there are no tricks played on them, everybody is left alone. Normally what you experience in life is, no matter where you go, it’s about something. Everybody has an agenda, everybody’s reaching for something, and what they’re reaching for all has to do with some aspect of themselves that’s out of balance, and so they work to try to find a balance with it in terms of whatever it is and however it is that they do things.

And it all gets down to this expansive/contractive quality of the masculine and the feminine, and to whatever degree it is off, or lacks a coming together, is the degree to which there are these projections and then there’s the lack of spatiality. And to have the proper spatiality you have to have the feminine energy that is in manifestation. You have to have that spring free. In other words, it can’t sit in an amnesia.

And then you have to have the masculine energy that has the clarity. You have to have it come together to where the clarity can make sense because it touches something, so that it can feel itself, or recognize itself, and get aligned – that has to do with the feminine quality in manifestation. When you pull these two images together and you create the completion, then you stop all of the various projections and whatnot that are going on continuously in all the different ways, and you don’t try to solve those because that isn’t what needs to be solved.

What needs to be solved is the inner and the outer coming together. And so in this dream I just see myself able to be in this place for no particular reason. These diverse activities do not interfere with each other, nor are they projected upon anyone. And there can even be bizarre activities that happened in the setting but nothing is scripted and everything is natural.

What impresses me energetically is that everything in this setting is nonchalant. In other words, there’s no established order, or intentionality, or anything behind it like you find in everything in life. In trying to explain why I like the place the only thing I can put my finger on is that the setting is neutral and natural. No one who is here has to concern themselves with having this space interfered with by some projection or another. Those who come here are able to simply hang out and not have to maintain a defense mechanism to protect themselves from intrusion or whatever, or anything being pushed at them for some reason or another. And the reason is because everyone is focused upon just being themselves and no one is paying attention to anyone else.

In other words, whatever the one thing is that needs to be done, that each person needs to be kind of contending with, that’s where their focus is at; no one is interfering with the well being of another. And this is something you rarely come across. I am drawn to this place because there is a lot of diverse energetic activity unfolding naturally that isn’t trying to affect me in a purposeful way.

This is such a rare thing for a second I don’t know what to do with myself. In other words, my synaptic nature is used to having to struggle with something, so I am so used to having to contend with being affected by something or another wherever I go, to suddenly find a place where none of that exists and you just have the melting pot of life wherever you look is uplifting and a positive revelation. I didn’t know that this could be, because that is something that you just don’t experience no matter where you find yourself. You’re always jockeying for a position or a way of being.

When the setting is like that, I am able to let go of defense mechanisms, and I am able to appreciate for no particular purpose the surroundings, and I am not nauseated with having to be sophisticated or maintaining any kind of image. This is a simplicity in which there is no care at all coming from the surroundings to interfere with my space that I am able to appreciate.

So the meaning is, to be able to be in the world and get free of its effects upon a person is liberating. It gives you the spaciousness that you need to function as opposed to always some sort of disharmony to some degree or another. I’m able to be more myself when I am able to naturally take in life as it is and nothing more. The environment is naturally at ease and quiet. As a result, I am able to appreciate the spaciousness of the setting in a healthy and free-flowing way.

This is like medicine to a soul that is used to having to contend with issues so it is always on guard against energetics. The subtler energies of life do not have a chance to come alive when a person is unable to simply be. And when they’re able to simply be, their beingness, without having to have these defense mechanisms or be on guard, is able to naturally soar into the spaciousness of all that there is. It is refreshing to note that such places can and do exist.

The purpose of the dream is to show me that when I am free, and not having to be in any particular way or contend with any particular projection, I am able to carry a spaciousness to the whole and in the whole to which all I see is embraced as an inner beauty, as an inner and outer beauty. This is possible when all is at ease and no part of my attention has to be diverted to contend with or offset the fact that something is watching and projecting upon my beingness, an interference, in other words, with my overall natural free will.

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Experiencing Completion

15bdAs we can see, it doesn’t always have to be a chase sequence for one inner aspect to catch up with another inner aspect. Here, the main character is serendipitously led into a situation that puts his own inner struggle on display, as a way to illuminate the issue for the dreamer. The intensity and drama of dream images is often a measure of inner resistance to what is trying to occur. When we are open to it, or less resistant, the images can take on a more magical quality. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I should probably do my second dream first, because the second dream coincides with the theme that you’re hitting more directly. My first meditation dream is such a mystery to me: it still talks about how to catch up with the quality of a spaciousness that is needed, but the second dream doesn’t get into that so much, but gets directly into a peculiarity of things, and it does it in kind of a bizarre way where you don’t know what’s going on.

Because in the dream, the beginning of this is to try to show how there is some sort of feminine imbalance in my nature, and it has to do with some sort of internal pressure or something that I’m holding in a way that isn’t quite right and, therefore, creating a barrier or conflict in terms of myself with it.

The first dream portrays that barrier in that I have a tendency of trying to feel that everything is always about something and therefore I’m not able to just sit in the spaciousness in which there doesn’t need to be anything going on. And as long as I perceive that there’s something that I have to defend, or withstand, it limits and keeps me from bringing this quality together of the inner and the outer. The dream of course is showing this evolving quality.

In the dream, I’m in a hallway waiting for my mother who’s in the doctor’s office. To begin with I see a painting up on the midlevel of the wall, and I look at it. It’s kind of interesting and then it disappears. And then I notice another lower one, and this lower painting that I look at is that of a woman’s foot with the toes and kind of something around one of the toes and stuff like that.

Suddenly there’s a woman who comes out into the hallway into this waiting area, and I notice that she has the same foot that’s in the painting. So I ask her if she painted that and if she has any other paintings besides the foot and the other painting that disappeared. I’m not really sure that I’m interested, I’m just making conversation. But she directs me to follow her, and I figure well, my mother could come out at any time but this shouldn’t take long, she’s just going to go and show me what she has in her gallery or something, and instead she wanders around, and she can’t seem to find anything, and she’s in a communal area where she lives like a gypsy.

And first she goes to one workshop that’s more in the outer and there’s nothing there to be had, and then she goes to her other sanctum which is amongst all of these other gypsy-like people. I don’t really see them, I just know that this is kind of a communal area where they all seem to somehow live or coexist together, which takes away the ability to have a certain kind of spatiality because there’s no privacy and, as a consequence, all of her paintings are in storage. She looks in various places including under a house, and all I need is just one because from that one painting I can replicate as many as I want.

I ask her about how she is able to get by around so many people. How does she have a life of her own? Her bed is separated from others by a couple of drapes that she has hung and she says she has a boyfriend who comes and visits her at 6 o’clock. And then something happens and everything disappears, she disappears.

And now I find myself shifted and I’m in the country. A person has driven this car out into the country as if we’re looking for something, maybe looking for her. And we look at what we thought we came to see, and then we’re to go back to the car and everyone else takes… you know, there’s a couple others, they all take and follow the driver back under one particular route back. But I seem to try to do this, go around a different curve or something, and go back quite a little bit different route as opposed to following everybody else, and I run into running water and stuff that I have to delicately bounce around to keep from getting my feet wet.

And before I realize it, I’ve meandered even further away from the car, and I come to an area where this woman is with this guy, in a room of some sort, and she is leaving out the window as if something just isn’t working out or isn’t right – because the guy isn’t understanding what she wants.

I’m able to see this and I suddenly just become the vibration as if time is displaced and I’m in her, or intertwined as being her, so I can tell what she feels and I could tell what I would feel as a guy separate. And when I notice this it’s like such a completion of coming together, but I have to leave because I do not want to miss my ride. And I realize I’ve wandered way south so the person driving the car, when I finally get back, he describes the phenomenon zone I was in and he gives it a name. I can’t remember what he called it, something similar to Kryger. And so I go back to where I live and try to understand more about this, this phenomenon, how it comes to pass and whatnot because it actually is a real thing that can happen in life – and that’s when I wake up.

The meaning of this is there is an aspect of my soul that has gotten lost. Glimpses and experiences of it are fleeting. To have an experience of completion, just one taste of it, puts me on a mission to reach this again and break the trance I am in. Such access enables me to penetrate barriers that hold everything in manifestation in a state of suspense, and I am able to make things happen in manifestation, or in other words, touch manifestation, work with manifestation, as kind of a spaciousness as opposed to some sort of disharmony – which isn’t otherwise possible when I make this kind of connection because there’s a knowingness in this connection.

In other words, one can function, then, in manifestation as a reciprocal effect of bringing the soul quality energies together so that they complete the kundalini power needed, the full power that’s needed.

And so then there’s like an outer example as I settle back, and the outer example I am shown is that I am able to gauge the up and down cycles in life, such as like maybe my commodity account, and recognize the possibilities here-to-fore not recognizable when I am functioning in a connected way instead of separate from the wholeness that exists in such a union.

So that shows when you bring the two together you create a possibility and then you actually hear something, and that’s where I started to realize that maybe you could say that the kundalini energy has one other little power to it because you can actually then know something. First you reach the state of spaciousness. Now, to understand this one keeps having to understand the full meaning of spaciousness, and that’s where this meditation dream comes in – and it’s very confusing in terms of seeing it.

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Bringing it Together

Hubble-573281We’ve seen in dreams how different characters are chasing or running away, when what really is meant to happen is a meeting and a connection between them. In this imagery, the need to make a connection has turned into a type of nagging, where a bill collector is hassling someone. As our dreams unfold, over a single night, or over many nights, the things we continue to resist will become louder and louder, and more insistent, until we get the message. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This is a dream I had more as I was waking up. In this dream I’m working in an office and like there’s somebody else in the office. It almost feels like a boss that has a desk there, and I have a desk there, but otherwise it’s pretty open.

And it feels like I’ve also gone back to boot camp, and there’s a bill collector of some kind that’s come in and it feels like a bill collector for the mob. They’re real aggressive and they’re hassling me. The boss’ approach is you don’t even talk to these people, but for some reason they’re giving me so much of a hard time that I make them come over to my desk and I make them start telling me something – instead of just hassling me for something they want, I make them start telling me how much it is they’re actually trying to get.

It’s like then I see this catalog and I see somebody ordering something from a catalog. Maybe they wrote a bad check. So, I get the amount, which is $1,500 or $1,600, and then I try to get the name of the person. They’re acting like I did this, and so I’m trying to get the name of the person, but it’s a very odd name, almost like they must have come from a different country because I can’t even quite get the name because it’s such an odd name.

So then I want to talk to this person’s boss. I want them to connect me on the phone with the boss because obviously the name of the person that did this, it can’t be me, but I need to try to get to the bottom of it in a way so that I can get them out of there so they’re not hassling us. Anyway, that was when I woke up.

John: So what you dreamt before, of course, is a bit much, and in order to repeat the thing to show how it is that you kind of handle it yet, and don’t quite pull it together, you dream the two polarities only you give them two different words: one is the office setting, and the other is boot camp.

Now, somehow or another, these two are opposite each other. But because they’re opposite of each other, the experience of each, by experiencing one and experiencing the other, it sets in motion something that causes something to rise up in between, you know, almost as a byproduct of trying to bring the two ways of flowing together. And that byproduct in between is something that is hassling you like a bill collector, or an obligation, or something that you need to contend with.

And in the dream you still have your reactions towards that in terms of pushing it away from yourself. First you may try to figure it out, or to figure out how to contend with it, or address it or deal with it, but in the end you push it away. And, oddly enough, this is just another dream that’s showing the dichotomy and why it’s so difficult to bring the inner and the outer together, or the masculine and the feminine, or the kundalini energy of the wholeness – both in terms of the part that’s here in creation, and the part that’s out of creation that comes from the will of something somewhere else.

How do you bring that together? And, of course, it’s one third here and two thirds on the other side. I’m starting to think that that two thirds on the other side has to be split in half again, too, in which there’s the one third, and then the one third, and then the other one third. The other one third is when something is complete in and of itself it is able to hear and follow and abide by, almost be in a state of a wholeness. In other words, it’s not just complete anymore, but it is able to follow the quality of something as if it is that, but it’s not that. That’s the other one third in terms of the world.

But you have to put the two together, the soul qualities together, so as above, so below is able to exist – and then you have an interesting motion and flow that can occur.

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