Going Along With It

dandelionheadno9The universe has been unfolding, by recent reckoning, for more than 14 billion years. If we accept that idea, then who are we to try to control its outplay for the blink-of-an-eye of time in which we exist? If nothing else, that should give us a sense of the futility of our efforts. Instead, we should spend all our conscious days in trying to be with It as It unfolds, and in that way become part of the majesty of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s interesting how the theme of the dreaming is the same, like where you’re presented with both equations, both sides to have to look at. I’m really presented with the loudness of both sides in this meditation dream. It’s like losing your mind. It can be like losing your mind.

In the meditation dream, I’m having trouble understanding what it means to have the feeling all around in which all that I see are things that are either breaking down, or on the verge of breaking down. My tendency is to try to shift such inner images. If one does this, this just disturbs your well being and has one opposing kind of the unfolding way that the will of something is taking place.

Fortunately, I was able to realize that the disharmony and lack of spaciousness was because I was fighting with the obvious. In other words, you can have a disharmony when you’re not going with the flow of something, even though the flow of something can be completely contrary to what you understand or recognize to be the most conscious approach.

So as I laid back a transformation swept over me. My fighting the breakdown was seen to be a shadow nature and that the harmony and spaciousness was in realizing that I am connected to a deep harmony and flow that is at peace with being part of an intertwined awareness in which the breakdown connection presides.

Upon realizing that this is who and what I am on an intertwined level, that is when I come to experience a spaciousness… In other words, I can come to experience a spaciousness that resides in an emptiness to all there was, because all there was was destined to break down and I need to be able to intertwine and be connected to this realization – or I am fighting, on a cellular aliveness level, the essence.

In other words, what is the design? What is intended? If what’s intended to break down then you are going to create a disharmony and imbalance in your nature by even attempting to lean up against something that is too big to be leaned up against because it’s meant to have its cohesions and convulsions.

Until I broke through to this recognition that what is alive is opposite what I am doing, and the holding on to what exists is a shadow dynamics in which disharmony resides, I suffer. You have disharmony on both sides. You can have a disharmony in trying to fit this idea of something being more than what it, you know, taking another shift in other words, coming out of, we’ll say, the state of confusion.

It’s a disharmony to try to impose that in some instances because that’s meant to be in the way that it is, and that you need to be able to go along with how that is meant to be, too. But when I realized that the aliveness is in being in the place behind the breakdown, in other words, going along with it, and that I accept this as being what is real because it’s intended that way, not the ideas of peace that seeks to fight the breakdown as if that is the illusion.

In other words, I find the harmony in the opposite direction, and a disharmony in trying to make something different. The harmony, in other words, in this dream, is the aliveness within the break down. The break down is the prevailing energy in which the will of God presides, and an idea of peace and shadow dynamics is to that which is dead. This is an about-face that makes sense to what I am feeling intertwined with. In other words, I am not intertwined with what is a nice fairytale of the past. I see images of what are, deep within, and to think this is meant to be in the near future is a spiritual illusion.

And so, that sets the template of the opposite. See, I didn’t do the dynamic of both sides. I just did the one side now, which is a contrast to the polarity of one direction, in terms of a way that something consciously unfolds, that you have to get out of the misaligned discombobulation of things. And then I realized you can be in the discombobulation of things and find a balance, too.

But then this next dream tends to put it all back into kind of proportion because it looks at the two halves.

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