The Need to Integrate

Jack Haas

When we look at all the intolerance in the world today, we can see that it is all at distance from real spirituality or religion. Because the only way to be a part of everything is to embrace everything. That doesn’t mean to “approve” of it, but it does mean to be able to have an energetic effect in life one needs to be able to work with all the energies that one encounters. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next dream tends to put it all back into kind of proportion, because it looks at the two halves.

In my dream I am in a cave area that has two caverns that go out to the sea. These caverns are something that water comes in during high tide, and then leaves during low tide. And fish and stuff like that get swept in during high tide, and some of them get lost in the back pools of the water, and some die and some are constantly wiggling their way back out to the sea.

One cavern has smooth, wet sand where there are pools of water, and so in this cavern I see myself laying on the damp sand, as if laying back and relaxing. It is soothing, but every now and then out of the corner of my eye I will see a flash; it’s like some large fish will build up a momentum from a pond and slither across the wet sand into the next tributary of water, or whatever, and work its way back out to the sea – because they’re trapped, large fish or a consciousness is trapped in the back cavern area, and if it stayed there it would eventually die, and so it needs to struggle back to where it belongs.

So that’s when I realize that I am at low tide because at high tide the water would have covered this whole area. So I get up then from this particular cavern in which I also have the realization that there is a point in time in which, because the way the sand is and whatnot, that there are salmon and such that can come and spawn. And there can be so many of them that it would be easy to catch, to pick up. You can fill gunnysack after gunnysack of salmon as they come in to spawn. And, again, to be able to do that is this side is really interesting from the standpoint of being able to aspire to, access, connect to, know that there is a deeper consciousness that exists there.

But I find myself going over to the other tributary part of this cave, in other words another cavern, and I wouldn’t think of lying down there. It is rocky, it’s wet, a lot of small pools, and it’s smelly because there are small fish, in other words, the consciousness is not as evolved, who have gotten caught in the rock portions when they’re trying to jump from small pool to small pool trying to navigate back and forth, or got caught in this, and died.

And as I’m looking at this, pondering this, suddenly I see the movement of something much larger off to one side, kind of like half buried or something there. So as I look closer, I see it is a prehistoric like kind of creature. I even have to shake off the sensation of something like this jumping on my back. And something seems to shift and I see in the back of the cave zombie-like metal almost uniformed, strange creatures shaped somewhat human. At one point a couple of them seem to even get in front of me, in other words the front of me is a way you could exit out from the cave.

I realize I am too far out at this point, in terms of knowing what is going on, so because I was willing to kind of study this but I went to the point where I scared myself, so I have to push past them. Well, they take insult that I even touch them, because I had to get by them. So I can move faster than them because they have all this metal armament on, and there happens to be a door I can close to slow them down even more and lock it – but I know it won’t hold them back forever. They’ll break the door down eventually.

And so as I exit the cave, I find myself going to a room where I had left a pillow with my name on it; it’s like I’d reserved that. And, at the time, no one else had reserved anything in the room. I had reserved my pillow there, so it was like I had that whole half of the room.

I had done this before. In other words, this is the reason why I guess I could travel and look at this other strange cavern is because I always had kind of a reprieve point that I could go back to inside and reconcile things. In doing this I established a spot from which a test could be administered as a precursor to taking some other unfoldment-like step. but when I came back to this room instead of seeing my pillow, I see a bunch of smaller pillows and each has a different name on it. I’m the first to come back here but there are these other pillows of reservation there and each person that’s represented by the pillow will take a test, and if they are successful they are able to get out of the bizarre space which is kind of the, you might say, manifestation peculiarities or something – but I can’t find my name on a pillow at first glance.

First of all, I am shocked and a little stunned, a little discombobulated because I had a big pillow with a name on it, and now there are all kinds of pillows there with all kinds of names on them. I give a quick look from one pillow to the next in the general area where I thought my pillow was at and can’t find my name.

At some point I wake up realizing as I am waking up that I’m going to have to be more thorough in looking. It’s got to be there.

The meaning of this dream is I’m looking at life in two different ways. The cavern with the sand has a connection to a greater consciousness and has a history of proliferating life. The cavern that is rocky is hazardous, has the stench of decay, and is ghoulish, when I go there and stir up strange creatures to be extricated from this scenario, I need to go through a test. In other words, I need to be able to integrate.

I seem to have challenged myself to going into the denser area knowing I can get out of this delusional scenario as a test and challenge to making a needed shift. I could have played it safe and stayed in the other cavern that has a more natural feel to it and a wonderful history, but I guess that’s not what I’m about. I explored the other and found myself trying to shift the effect of the other, when I took it to an extreme where I had the need to try to do something about that or I was in a dire straight.

To be able to even do this means I have to have a connection to both halves. I have to have a connection to the other half, and that’s the going out and taking the test to see if I’ve actually maintained that, because in the other cavern the way I am there, and the way things are, it can have a greater consciousness but I don’t see myself changing anything. That area is part of a process in that there is a history to it and a flow that enlivens life, but the idea that something can be done about something, that there can be an integration comes from the other cavern being able to not get consumed by that and to be able to work with that.

Just like in my meditation dream which had to do with everything broken down, everything in a state of falling apart, that there is a harmony in the falling of things that are falling apart. There is a harmony in that if you go along with that. And you can even equate that to being an extreme outer condition in which there’s pure delusion. That’s how I was able to see that there are the two components in life that you have to work with, and even the Kabbalah talks about the two components. That’s what I found so interesting, that you have to pull both halves together in order to have a consciousness, an inner and an outer, above and below, or consciousness and an unconsciousness.

And so one could have stayed in the nice cavern, caught lots of fish when one wanted to, but it would have been pretty blasé actually. It wouldn’t have changed anything. You know, you would have gone up and down with the tides, but you couldn’t have shifted or caused anything to change. So the other cavern which has forces that suppress life and carry an eerie direness, I am able to go into this place, just like I’m able to deal with people that are very, very unstable and strange. Most people that are on the spiritual path will avoid such people, and not realizing that some point in time you have to take in everything into account. You can’t just be extricating things because it doesn’t follow some sort of script line that’s your spiritual illusion, because you have to know how to take an inner test in which change can be effectuated.

And the inner test is, of course, the vision of the other half. So the cavern corresponds to my meditation dream. The order of flow in the cavern involves a consciousness in which disorder is the norm, order is a shadow. To be at ease here you have to work with and accept the direness and ghoulishness of things as the norm, and as a form of harmony, in other words see their opposite. You can’t just be one way, just like you can’t just have an innerness and not have an outerness, because to seek something more real is asking for trouble, if you just go that one direction. That’s just as greedy as someone who is doing that in the outer.

So, in the cavern disharmony involves not going along with the disorder. In other words, in one cavern it’s like that, and in the other cavern you go along with it.

So what the dream is revealing is: I have to integrate the higher consciousness and prolificness of the other cavern. In other words, the inner is in the outer and that enables a change to occur. In the cavern of life things are so discombobulated that the actions taken to bring about what is needed perpetuates the problem. The focus in the cavern of creation is upon the disharmony and not upon what is right in terms of a real past, present, and future.

I had the meditation dream to experience the basic reality most people see before them and, in taking this in, am caught in trying to work with the disharmony as a harmony. It is like saying that there is in the way of being a harmony in the disharmony. Things have gotten so bad that this is where the collective consciousness is at. I am a person who is able to go into both the above and the below and, in doing so, am able to effectuate something that can be different. I can run from the direness of things but I can’t hide. I have no choice but to integrate, align the two, the higher- and the lower-self – also known as the inner and the outer.

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