Vibrating Through

energy-frequencyWhenever we take on new skills or abilities, we can be wobbly and unsure of ourselves for a while. The same is true when those new abilities are things that are opening up, or awaking, on an inner level. It takes a little time for us to get our bearings and to be back in balance and a have a better sense of control. In this dream, we see how this awkwardness on an inner level is portrayed through imagery. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m actually going to start off with a dream I had yesterday after I fell back asleep in the morning. I was going to let go of the dream because sometimes those dreams you have in the morning don’t seem like much, but it stayed with me for some reason.

And in this dream it’s like I’ve gone down to a shoreline that seems like it’s just off the city a bit, and there are some rocks out in the water, and I seem to be doing something on the rocks. So I go between onshore and wading into the water a little, doing something on the rocks.

There are other people not very far away. And at some point I have strayed away from where I began, and I’ve even started back home, but then I realize I’ve left my purse on the beach somewhere so I head back to where I was. But now the coastline has changed and I can’t seem to see where I was, so I’m a little concerned.

So I decide I’ll fly down along the coastline. Well, then I feel like I’ve overshot where I was because I’ve ended up in an area that suddenly looks a lot more hilly and rocky and totally different further from the city. So now I figure if I fly back along the coastline over the water that I’ll eventually come to wherever I was, even though I don’t see anything that looks like it at all.

And in front of me now, I’m in this very hilly spot that looks out over the water and there’s a big burned-out tree, and in the tree is a large nest and there are a bunch of little eaglets that have little fuzzy feathers – and I’m not flying very well. I can’t seem to keep my height up when I fly, so when I go by this burned-out tree it’s like I knock one of the little eaglets to the ground, which I feel badly about, but I really can’t even stop because I’m not flying very well.

Then I get out over the water headed back towards what I hope will eventually be the city and wherever it was I left my purse. I notice I can’t seem to keep my height up, so that even sometimes a foot will drop into the water or something, so I’m just like trying to get back to where I was.

John: It’s a dream that comes up when you have a sense that something inside of yourself, that you can’t quite put your finger on, that you realize is lying dormant there wanting to wake up, or has some part of yourself searching to awaken that, or reach that. And, as a consequence, you have dreams in which something has been stirred up so that the process of awakening is afoot; it hasn’t yet quite happened.

The sense and the vibration of it is there, however, and so you are recognizing that, but noticing that in terms of your acuity towards that that you’re missing a certain dexterity, or whatever it takes, a power, or whatever it takes, to quite pull that off. And so as you flounder about, you’re actually kind of a danger to yourself in that you don’t quite have your bearings.

This again is under the theme of finding a spaciousness upon which everything just kind of is naturally there and is at your disposal, and you have the orientation you need to know how and what it’s all about. And that you then feel a balance and ease in your nature that corresponds to the fact that you have reached or accessed the part of yourself that is in need of coming through or awakening. The idea being that the concept of the spaciousness houses within itself much more that is possible than when one is functioning in kind of some sort of confined way.

So it’s almost as if that echo is there. It’s something that is an awareness that is quickened in some fashion in your overall nature or beingness, so you’re trying to unveil that, knowing in other words the potency or latency of something to come. And the consequence then is… well, you see the nature of your mannerism as it deviates back and forth, zoning in or zooming in, little by little, to that which has to be shaken free.

It’s kind of like the feminine nature houses all of this stuff in terms of a completeness, but the naturalness to that is a whole other thing, and the hiddenness of that quality is generally so far removed that it doesn’t affect one’s psyche. But, in this particular case, something must have triggered it to some degree and it’s starting to vibrate or bleed through in a very subtle capacity causing your attention to try to engage it further.

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