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static1.squarespaceIn the language of dreams, it would seem that our unconscious has an important message for us when we find ourselves locked in a room and are given something to look at. It may feel instinctual to try to escape, but that feeling comes from a level of inner resistance. Because, of course, the image could have asked more gently. Or, perhaps, we’ve already said no to the subtle requests of previous dreams? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night I remember one dream is, I seem to work at a hospital, but the hospital for some reason is set in a mountainside. As I have gone out towards the surface of the mountainside I see these pudgy little people parachuting down, and they’re like invaders that are going to take over the hospital.

And they grab me and they put me in a barren closet, lock me in there, and right before this pudgy little person locks me in there, they hand me a little gray plastic, well it almost looks like a little medieval soldier. They want me to put it on the little shelf behind me.

Well, I’m not that interested in what they handed me, or where they want me to focus their attention. As soon as they lock the door on me I get busy taking out the screws that hold the doorknob in place so that I can get out – which I do.

And once I’m out I go to a ward where I know some of the doctors are because I’m trying to figure out who is allied with the people taking over, and who is not, or what happened on that ward. They did not get locked in a closet like I did, so they weren’t treating the takeover quite as seriously.

Then it feels like I go outside so I can look around and see what’s happened as a result of the takeover, but you really can’t see what happened. It’s like they’ve left now, and you don’t even know who was allied with them.

John: So what you have is a bunch of component pieces that are all important to the overall matrix of the whole. Your attention is directed in a particular capacity, but all of the events happening around you all fit within what is important for you to come to grips with.

In other words, when you’re handed kind of a toy soldier kind of thing, that’s meaningful in some capacity, but that’s not where you put your attention. Your attention is placed upon extricating yourself from where it is that you find yourself. And so that when they’re not visible – and in their visibility there is something to be seen there that’s important – when they’re not visible your focus and attention is busy removing the screws to the door, or doing whatever it is to kind of extricate yourself.

And yet what is memorable about the whole image and the whole scene in every aspect of it, it is all an aliveness and a meaningfulness that is important to your scope of understanding, and sense of freedom, and spaciousness. You can take all of that into account. You don’t have to try to figure out a way in terms of how to sidestep this or sidestep that. You can include it all because there is something in every little aspect of what’s going on there that’s trying to say something to you, and you have got to be careful what it is that you stray or steer yourself away from because you might be straying or steering yourself away from something that is important in terms of what it’s trying to say, or trying to reveal, or trying to cause you to feel, or to cause you to understand, or to take in, as an aspect of how you feel and carry yourself.

Jeane: And it feels like the dreams I had after that all I really remember about them is wherever I was I kept going inside to get my iPad and bring it into the situation so I could look up information.

John: You’re directing yourself, not so much as a struggle but as a process of trying to take in a greater perspective from which that is what is meaningful. It’s very similar to a dream. You’re constantly grabbing the iPad, so to speak, of the dream image in order to try to see what it is that’s the energy behind it. And when you do that, you’re increasing your spaciousness.

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