A Tilt in the Process

Michele Caporaso

It may always seem to be a good idea and a good thing to help another person, but there is always an inner aspect that involves the person who is doing the helping. This dream takes a look at that type of inner psychology, and it tries to show the dreamer how the waywardness of personal mechanisms can send even kind acts askew. Said another way, to gain greater consciousness we need to begin to see why we do the things we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream is kind of odd. I must be about in my 30s in the dream and it feels like set back in a little bit older time, not too far back but somewhat. And I seem to work in a nightclub, and I’ve met this man outside a nightclub, and when he comes to the nightclub he wants me to act like I don’t know him and make some contact with him and maybe eventually teach him something that I do, like archery, or something.

So when he comes to the nightclub, which is on an upper story of a building, I kind of make the initial contact over one or two visits, and we act like we don’t know each other, and like I’m going to maybe teach him something, something like archery.

Meanwhile, I leave the nightclub. I go to where I’m staying with somebody. It’s more in a wooded area. Within distance that you could see there’s like this little hillbilly shack. It even has something like shotgun pellets over the door; they seem to sometimes just like to stand in the doorway, or back of the doorway, and shoot their gun off. Well, it comes over awfully close to where we’re staying, so I’m trying to discourage them from this practice.

It’s almost like if they stand in their doorway way over there, in this slightly wooded area, then they shoot a shotgun off it could come all the way over here. It hasn’t hit us yet, but they even hit their own doorway. I mean, they’re really hillbillies. I want to discourage them from this by showing them that they may have lousy aim, but I don’t, like I can get out my bow and arrow and shoot near them, but they’re too dumb to get the idea. It’s like I just want to discourage them from shooting at us, but they’re not the type they’re going to do anything but what they want to do.

I’m not sure what to do with that. Meanwhile, I’ve gone back to the nightclub and it seems like from the upper story of the nightclub, when we look out, we look out over an alleyway and it’s like I see some gangsters commit some crime. And then I see that they see us seeing them do this, so I realize we’re in some trouble now. And now I look at this guy that I’d taken on to teach something and I see that, in the process of whatever we’re doing, he’s gotten weaker. It’s not a good sign. I think that’s when I wake up.

John: You’re describing, even though you do not realize it, an energetic. In other words, you’re being challenged on taking a certain kind of energy and using the energy in a way that puts a spell on things.

And so the dream also describes why it is that you’re doing it. So there’s a latent anger or something way, way far back because you feel that you’re being misused to try to take and cause something to be realized, or recognized, or learned, that you can see yourself as having the ability to facilitate – but deep down you feel that you’re rejected.

So there’s something haywire about you, from your perspective, about you taking and helping a situation, when deep down there is something wrong with your idea of the reciprocation. And so that latent notion causes a type of anxiety in terms of whatever it is that you’re doing with this guy to actually weaken that person’s psyche.

Now, the thing of it is, the dream is also saying you still have to do it. In other words, you have within the dream, as you call it hillbilly forces that are constantly in a tomfoolery weird peculiarity, throwing things in your direction as if to incite you to bring something through, or to come to some sort of state of attention. That’s the reason why that is happening.

In other words, that is a kind of a pressurized slingshot effect of some part of your psyche inside of yourself that is imposing this peculiarity upon you as its means of saying that it doesn’t quite agree with the idea that you, in terms of your approach, based upon some latent misconception or conception that you have that is causing you to put a tilt on the process. And it’s almost like everything that is being done comes with a kind of stigma price, and you don’t see the stigma price.

In other words, this is so subtle that who’s to see this? Well, the only thing that sees this is some part of your higher self, or whatever it is that creates the hillbilly scenario to agitate you in terms of how to shoot the arrow straight, or how the buckshot and how all of this stuff just flies every which way, and can’t help but hit your door and affect everything. This is kind of like a hint that you have to complete something, in terms of the approach of your energy, and you’re not quite completing it because you have a belief…

In other words, deep down in all of that is some sort of buying and selling. In other words, a connection to the wholeness of all of life is a connection that is there for no reason other than the fact that you connect to things in the outer in a particular prescribed, and defined, and designed way. To take and look at how you connect to the outer, and have qualifications and ideas upon how it is that you are going to be, that pull the string on a certain freedom of flow that you’re able to also do that with, because you have anticipations or expectations, or you have your personal prerogative reactionariness in terms of what you anticipate or expect as cause and effect. To get caught in all of that, at this level of playing with energy, weakens life, doesn’t strengthen it. It takes something away. It hurts or harms in some subtle capacity.

And so this way in which you can touch and connect to life is designed to create a really interesting, strong linkage chain balance, but when it has the heebie-jeebies thrown into it, then it doesn’t help you, and it doesn’t help the whole that you’re a part of and working with. This is a very interesting theme. It is funny how you could dream that.

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