Animal Farm

aus2In the prior dream (see A Tilt in the Process), Jeane was struggling with being able to take on an energy that was haywire, as seen in the image of people shooting shotguns that might hit her house – and Jeane tries to stabilize the situation. Here, in her next dream, the struggle still exists, yet the imagery has shifted: the house is overrun with animals. Again she is trying to bring order to the chaos. But it shows how the ongoing process of our dreams helps us sort things out on a deeper level, and our unconscious will keep trying until we get it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next dream I just remember flashes of. It’s like I’ve gone to stay somewhere in a building, some low buildings, with female members of my family – like my grandmother comes, I think my mother’s in the background, I forget who else.

But what seems to happen is every time I… the place really needs to be cleaned up, and there are animals that have moved in, so it’s like every time I open a door, or go into an area, I talk with them about we’re going to have to clean it up. But meanwhile we just have to stay there the night, but I’ll open up a door and there’ll be some animals there, and it might be turtles, or another time I open up a door and a dog has just had puppies on the front stoop, and then there’s a chicken with chicks.

It’s just like wherever I look there’s something going on with the animals having taken over a bit, that we’re going to have to straighten out. Then I think I had a flash of somebody going by in a parade, but again it feels like some animal was involved.

John: What you’re showing is that these lower-self traits of one’s nature… First of all you have to back it up from the standpoint that the feminine is at home in manifestation, in other words, Mother Earth and all of that is her domain.

And so that is why in dreaming women tend to dream more about animals than guys do. Guys have dreams that are more involved with chase scenes and episodes of missing out on this, that, or the other. But the feminine dreams more in terms of the animal kingdom because she more closely identifies with all of those various vibrations. She more naturally is closer to that.

And so what you’re dreaming about is, in terms of you being the zookeeper of all of those animal traits and qualities and characteristics, you’re finding that things are all over the place. It’s not running straight according to how it can be if you are holding your place in the overall, properly.

In other words, the way this corresponds to the first dream is that the animal energies are generally associated with aspects of lower-self energy. I mean, they are higher-self, too, but the imbalance of such a thing is a lower-self trait. And so in order for the higher-self qualities of those energetics to be taken in, to be appreciated by the crown of creation, a human being, they have to be, as you would say, straightened up, or in a natural unfoldment.

But what you have here is you have it all in a state of disarray, from animal to animal to animal to animal, and so when it’s like that, you can’t do anything then in terms of trying to give something or be a particular way that facilitates the imbalance of the masculine – because you don’t have your natural inclination to the characteristics and the traits that are all very, very subtle that are part of the genetic makeup of all that there is. You’ve got all of that in terms of on a deeper level your responsibility towards all of that; you have it in a bit of a state of disarray.

And so this adds information to the first dream. The information that it adds is that when you take and find yourself seeing that… and this is very deep and subtle this vibration you’re carrying there, but it’s kind of like in a denser way the way it comes across is the feminine feels or sees herself to be taken advantage of or abused, the scorn effect that can come from that can wreak havoc over everything in the surrounding environment.

And in the case of scorn and that coming across it’s usually directed at the masculine in some fashion. There’s some flash-out that happens towards the masculine. It’s like divorces and stuff are very strange and you can often see the guy look like he has gone nine-tenths insane when he had been described as a pretty nice guy up to a particular point, and then all of a sudden something… he’s seen as a bit haywire or a bit off.

It’s almost like spells are easy to cast in that regard when something is towards something that isn’t quite right, or is ungrounded. And that starts, that whole process unfolds, and behind that whole process is the fact that the feminine nature then lets go of a kind of orientation and responsibility that it has towards its understanding of the subtler energies. The subtler energies that are largely invisible even inside of her, but she still has a linkage and connection to it. And so instead of that unfolding more naturally, it tends to be in a state of disarray.

So the degree to which she reacts about something in terms of it not going in accordance with some sort of latent predilection, is the degree to which she destroys her own beastiality of her own nature, a type of beastiality though that she is in conformity with, as opposed to in a state where it is all in disarray. She needs the conformity, the raw energy of the beast energy world. She pulls the subtle vibrations from within that, that each characteristic represents, and is able to make that alive and knowable to life itself, to the masculine.

It’s part of bringing the inner into the outer. And so if she has an attitude about something, then that whole part is all in the state of confusion. So how is it possible for any kind of inner coming into outer alignment to take place? Isn’t that an interesting dream?

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