A Needed Linkage

7afIn this dream we have the feminine trying to make a connection to the masculine – on an inner level. And we know that the man is there, somewhere, but never seen or spoken with. And, in fact, the man isn’t even the main character’s significant other, but is married to someone else. This shows the distance of the gap that must be bridged to make the energies work together, because the work that these energies do can only be fulfilled by mutual support. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the dream that I have, it’s like I’m kind of… I must have been hiking somewhere, but more across like fields. And I see this woman kind of working in one of the fields, and I realize I’ve gotten kind of dirty, and I decide to walk back to her house, which I’d passed, and clean up.

I don’t even really know her, but I know she’s out working in the field. Her husband’s somewhere around in the house, but I don’t see him. I go and I kind of sneak into the house and go in and I see this one laundry room, and it’s an interesting laundry room because if you put your clothes in they go through two or three machines, or four machines, in a row and then they come out okay.

I decide I’ll just take off my clothes, because I’ve gotten all muddy, and just wash my clothes there. Well, I get my clothes in the laundry or something and then I hear someone come, it feels like a daughter or someone that she has, and it feels like I kind of try to hide a bit, or I end up exchanging words with them, or they don’t seem to mind that I’m using the laundry. I’ve grabbed a towel or something I’m covering myself with.

I’m just trying to stay hidden from the woman and her husband, I remember that. But then I have this problem because I have to wait until the clothes are done, so I have some clothes to put on, or I even go to a closet and pull some clothes out. I don’t recall that part really well.

John: It’s a process dream. It’s bringing in a component. It has probably a deeper meaning that I’m not seeing, but the component that it’s addressing is that the feminine, which is in the outer, and has its way with the way things are in the outer, is you actually are finding yourself working and trying to be oriented in that, but that you can become contaminated or overly affected.

And so when you then go into a place where there is the house, or a place of security, or whatever it is, you haven’t yet established or sorted out where this stands in relationship to the masculine. And so the process aspect of it that’s missing is that the feminine has to give something to the masculine.

The feminine is in an overall that is complete and whole, and doing whatever the work needs to be done in the overall, in whatever capacity that needs to be. However, it can get contaminated or affected by things, and the gap that exists is that there is no recognition between the masculine and the feminine.

In other words, the role, the letting go, the way of working with things that the feminine can do in the outer, the visual, or understanding, or coming together of that hasn’t yet happened between the masculine and the feminine and, as a consequence, there is no appreciation. There is a lack of proper appreciation of the feminine quality.

And so when the feminine quality isn’t properly appreciated, isn’t properly recognized, isn’t seen for how it is and what it’s doing – and it needs to be seen, it needs to be recognized, – it tends to, over of a course of time, become mired down or dirty. It needs the flow and connection of the masculine energy.

In other words, it’s not enough for the feminine energy to be able to function in the outdoor of things, in the matter of things, in manifestation. It’s not enough for it to… it cannot be complete and whole in terms of what it does in manifestation if it doesn’t have the masculine aspect of clarity that kind of makes and helps keeping everything sparkly and clean – but doesn’t have that involved or invoked as well, or connected to that.

So, in this dream you introduce the recognition that the feminine does things and has its ways in manifestation. You also point out, though, that it can’t go very far in and of itself without getting dirty, and that there is like an amnesia, or hiddenness, or a distance that exists, an estrangement that exists, between how it is that it can be in its completeness in manifestation, and how it is that the quality of the masculine that is able to touch the spirit energy manifestation or matter and cause something to come alive, it needs that, it needs that linkage or otherwise you have this other.

So what you’re kind of doing in this dream is you’re having a dream like this in order to kind of see what is missing. The other aspect of what you’re doing in this dream is you’re doing what you are doing in matter, and in the outer – in the field, so to speak – in order to take and cause something… to establish, or create a crop, or essentially to be able to give something more to the whole; but it’s not readily appreciated.

You carry this gap far enough, and you’re talking about the problems and the ills that exist all over the world, then. You’re not addressing the problem, you are just portraying what it currently looks like, how so much goes for naught.

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