The Engagement in Life

cbnxfbxbbcWe may think that when we are with friends, and family, and involved in our careers that we are fully engaged in life. But those are all aspects of outer life. The true journey of a human’s time on this planet is to engage with the outer with the intelligence and guidance and connection of the inner. That is the balancing act that a spiritual journey requires. As we’ve noted before, this is a full-time process that takes all of our lives to bring the two together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the next dream, it feels like I’m working a ways out of town from where my dad lives, like I’m living there, but then I drive to work. And it’s winter time. And the place where I work, it’s almost like a large museum. And they have different piles on a floor of books and pictures and things that I guess people can come in and just borrow, or even take, I’m not quite clear.

Well, after I’m there awhile, I realize I’ve invited people to a party at my home that night. It’s going to be in like the rec room of where my dad is. And it’s already 9 o’clock at night and I don’t get off work until 10:00, and there’s snow out. It’s kind of deep snow. And I hadn’t really set up for the party yet. I’m not even sure what time people were told to come, or if Dad knows they’re coming.

And someone there at the museum decides that one of the things I need to have at this party is some swing music, and she goes and picks me out some old-time music. And I don’t like the first choice, but then we put together two or three different records, including the first choice, so we have something to add to it. But it’s all kind of old-time music to dance to.

Then I have that together and then I get in a car and I realize that there’s quite a bit of snow out, like when I start to pull out one way I have to go around a drift and kind of fit in between some other cars to get out on the highway. And meanwhile, I’m wondering as I head towards home since it’s already 9 o’clock at night, if people are just going to show up and have left, or what’s going to happen as far as the party.

John: Now you’ve flipped it around. Now you’ve taken and gone instead of going up, your know, towards the throne or a consciousness of home, out of the outer, in other words like the in-breath going back, you’re strictly looking at the engagement in life.

And in the engagement of life, you have the choice between records and pictures and this, that, and the other, that you can pick up. The outer is such that you get lost in that. You tend to get lost in that. You have to hold a very keen focus to the inner to keep from getting lost in the outer.

Yet the outer is important in order to stimulate. The inner stimulates the outer, but then you can’t get lost in the outer that has been affected or stimulated from something within. Because then you can’t take something back in a balanced way. You’re out of alignment, and out of sorts, with how it is that you can be in terms of what has been pulled together. You’re sitting and you’re looking at that energetic vibration.

This time, instead of looking at it as something in the first dream, where you were going straight up to a home or a place, climbing the chakras so to speak, getting out of something from where you’re at, to the point where you could even consider yourself lost and not know how to come back, meaning come back into creation, now you’re going the opposite direction. You’re coming into creation. You’re getting blown away by all of the things that are in creation, and losing your sense of time and space in relationship to what is appropriate and what is necessary, in terms of your true home.

So, what you’re doing when you put the two dreams together is you’re attempting to work with the principles of inner and outer in a way in which there is a cohesiveness.

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