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INNER01To be integrated, from the inner into the outer, requires that we hold our inner connection and location while we engage in the outer world. It doesn’t work for us to be fully engaged in only one or the other, the work is to engage in the outer with our inner location. That is the connection that allows the human to give the divine access into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, it starts off where I’m in kind of a square box-like house that was constructed out of wood, but still kind of in its natural state. It hasn’t been varnished. It hasn’t been cured, at least not on the outer. In other words, it’s still oozing a moisture or a liquid or a stickiness that wood can have, you know, when it hasn’t been kiln-dried or cured. And that wetness, or whatever, is on the outside of the building. That’s how it is in its natural state. The wood stays kind of lighter in color while it’s like that, as well.

Inside the house, to begin with, I and my friend are okay with this. We’re not paying any attention to it. We just consider that it will naturally take care of itself. And if it were left just to us, we would let it naturally cure. But we have a boss who wants to speed the process along.

And my friend is sent outside with this drying device that kicks out kind of something that’s a little like a haze or a smoke or something. It’s probably got heat connected to it, and it’s supposed to quickly dry and cure the outer condition of this building. And my friend, he may not have his heart in it because he would have just normally let things be. He follows orders and when he is done, the outer building has turned from this light colored translucent natural wood that shimmers and draws to it a light, to a dark and burnt look.

It is an eyesore to look at, and even the inside is affected, although you don’t notice it if you don’t think about it, or if you’re not aware of what is going on in the outer. The darkness on the outside does crimp the freedom of flow on the inside, though. Like I say, this is not readily noticeable when you are inside the place, but when you step outside and look at the conditions you are under, that is when you realize that you’re subjected, that what you are inside of in terms of the outer effect, there are limitations that are affecting you.

And the meaning is that while inside, it is easy to be kind of out-of-sight and mind from what is going on around you or in the outer environment.

The inner, in order to have an overall effect in life, needs to recognize and work with the outer that is always subject to change, because both of them are a work in process. From within, if I just sit in the inner, I have the inclination to assume that what’s necessary will just naturally unfold. That can be kind of a spiritual illusion, you know, because you sit inside and you imagine what needs to be or something, or imagine how it is, which may not necessarily be how it is.

And in this dream, it’s kind of like once you get a whiff of something in terms of how it can be different on the inside, there can be a pressure placed upon you to try to speed things up, which means that you’re trying to quicken something in the outer.

The problem with that is you don’t know what you’re doing and you can compromise the situation. You can cause a naturalness to get lost and, as a result, the outer expressions, the outer unfoldment can impact what is possible inside.

In other words, the inside doesn’t operate and function. You don’t function from within in a vacuum. The outer and the inner have to come together. As long as you’re inside, you don’t readily realize this. You can reach a point where you let go of or you move away from and aren’t aware of the outer atmosphere.

In other words, the difference between what I’m dreaming and what you were dreaming is you took it first one way and then looked at how you could get lost that way, and then you took it the other way and realized how you can get lost that way.

In my particular case, I’m trying to be black-and-white about things. To stay inside is to have false impressions regarding what has happened, or is perpetrated in life, or upon the outer fabric of life.

The illusion of it all goes away when you take in both the outer and the inner. The adjustment that has to be made is shocking until you are able to look at both sides of the equation, and the more estranged you are in one direction or the other. In other words, it’s like this is an image that’s fairly estranged because inside, you know, unaware of what the outer appearance and condition was, I could be kind of out-of-sight and out-of-mind, kind of blanking it out.

And then when I looked at it on the outside, there’s no way I could accept my demeanor on the inside because the outer is darkened and I have to comport or pull both of those traits, those qualities – I have to be in balance with both.

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