The Direct Feed

anastacia_post_light_sphereIf we think about it, higher energies from the universe reach all things here on the planet. But it is only us, the human, who can receive those energies and translate them into an idea, a creation, a song, a painting, or another type of action. And it is only the higher energies that, when translated by a human, appear to us as “new” things. We call people who make discoveries geniuses, but they have only received something through a higher connection. We are all geniuses because we are designed to create those connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, yesterday afternoon I had one of those dreams where it was really disturbing, where I felt like I was being bombarded, pursued, and couldn’t get away, even with help.

And last night, it feels like my dreams initially again, it’s like I’m trying to get away and do something separate. And then it feels like I finally have a dream where at least I’m going to some other people and we’re establishing something, but it feels like Bollywood. I mean, it’s like we’re forming a singing group, but first we fight, then we start to form a singing group and other people come and join in.

But it’s so Bollywood in a way in that it’s more like a teen movie. I just feel like I’m just real disturbed lately and I can’t kind of settle down with my dreaming or… ugh.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming has switched and what the theme has turned to is this principle of bringing through the will into life.

In other words, first of all, you have to access it. And apparently we’ve accessed it, but we may not know that we’ve accessed it. And now we have to bring it down, and through, and touch life with it.

And the oddity of it is, is once you access it, you feel real sad when you’re not able to live it or bring it through. And it’s just a real bizarre thing because you’re going through all these gyrations of things that have to do with appearances of something affecting, but the underlying principle of all of that is there’s something that’s intended to take place and it’s not taking place. And thus it leads to the sadness and the awkwardness.

It’s a shift is what this is, in that for a long, long time, a person proceeds to develop kind of a channel or a clarity that rises up to – kind of like an in-breath expression – it rises up and touches something, what is called the crown or the home place. Or, if you’re talking about it on a soul level, it would be at the point where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. So you formed that connection. You’ve made that journey. But now you have to come down with the out-breath into life – and this is where you bring the will down and through.

Until you make that connection, it’s almost as if you don’t get that other echo. Once you get that echo, that you have to, somehow or another, take the stillness into an action. In other words, within the stillness is something that’s kind of like a thought of God or, I guess more generally, it’s just referred to as the will. And you have to bring that through.

And this time, it’s not something that comes from a discombobulated nature of just thoughts and ideas. This time it’s able to go all the way back and come from a source that is in the stillness.

Usually a person’s thoughts are based upon their senses and the way their mind works in relationship to understanding the senses, and the best they can do to try to understand the outer. They generally don’t have this connection that goes all the way up and touches the inner essence and the stillness of all that there is.

And when you do that, then you get the direct feed. And that direct feed, once you hit that and you’re meant to bring that through, until you bring that through, and in the struggle to bring it through, it’s kind of like you have this whole need again that surfaces now in terms of bringing it down, and in, and through into life.

Peculiarly enough, that seems to not be something that just opens up joyously. It seems to open up from the standpoint of a type of struggle, or scenes like you were describing, or sadness and it involves having to figure out how to be true to that.

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