A Quiet Space

Core-of-the-Perseus-ClusterWe probably all know those moments when we seem to have full awareness of what is going on, and we are unflappable in the face of it. Usually it happens when we least expect it, and fades just as inexplicably. But that idea can give a sense of what it means for us to hold an inner location, or an inner stillness, purposefully, as we go through life. The inner quiet allows our higher faculties to respond, rather than our lower emotions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And in my dream last night, I’m a guest of a person who makes things happen. He’s a dealmaker. I’m staying at his house. He gives me some final cues in regards to how I need to conduct myself. Because there’s a person that’s going to come over that I need to meet and he is about to arrive.

There’s something that I have to do and he’s brokering the bringing this together, so that it can happen. And then he indicates, just before the guy arrives, that I should go get my swimming trunks. That way in the photo op, I will look like I’m more in charge. I’ll have them ready, you know, and appear to be more, I guess, in a photo op, more of an action person.

Now, this is a big house and I am in the other side in a bathroom where I’m talking to him. And I realize that the doorbell rings and this guy’s rushing to the doorbell, well I have to race across even almost visibly before the two of them there, to get to my room where I’m staying, to get to my suitcase to where I can get out my trunks.

And there’s also another person, as I have been talking to him, I find out that I need to also make connection with, and this is a person that I know from high school, and he is in charge of something that has to do with getting official recognition.

Now, when I have to go through this area to go past the guest again, you know, that I see in the other side of the room, to get to my room, a sadness over all of this weighs me down and I have to lay down.

My checking out takes me into a stillness, away from the situation. But my involvement is needed in the outer. So the disengagement takes me from the need in the outer, and what this does is making me even more sad-hearted because I’m not keeping up.

The meaning of this is there is a natural flow that exudes out of a quiet space within. I have not found out how to naturally intertwine the inner stillness with the outer aliveness. This cadence is needed for the inner and outer to come together. The inner stillness reflects the thought of God or the divine Will. When I am not able to integrate and intertwine this innerness with the outer, a sadness prevails. The outer flow stagnates.

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