Called Out

buddha-auraIt’s always worth noting when we have a dream that has a teacher, or a wise master, or an elder in it, because it usually points to an aspect of how we are doing in our journey, or about how we feel we are doing in our journey. In this example, an arrow is being shot directly at the teacher (the dreamer’s inner teacher), which indicates a challenge to use one’s skill and accuracy in their higher work. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: There’s one dream I have, I just remember one scene of. It’s like I’ve traveled and I’ve gone into this large room and there’s like an oriental master at one end, and then somebody who’s in charge.

And it’s like there’s games going on of some kind, but I’m alone in there with these two people right now. As part of the game, since I’ve recently learned a little bit about using a bow and arrow, but very little, maybe had one lesson, I’m going to be given a chance as part of this game, to fire this arrow at the Chinese master, or hit a place on the wall not too far from him.

It’s almost like part of the game is to try to hit him with the arrow, or hit a certain spot anyway. I’m actually surprised, and maybe they are, too, that at least I could fire the bow and hit something on the wall, because I had only fired it once before. That’s all I remember of that initial scene.

John: Well, the dreaming last night was about energetic balance. It seems that one is being put through the paces in order to try to jar one awake for one thing, almost to a type of state of attention? Or to intensify what is more of a laid-back character or nature in order to bring something to the forefront?

So I have to sit and wonder what causes such dreaming. It’s as if the changes or something in the outer is such that it’s affecting one’s perception in terms of the acuity of what’s going on and that this is being called out for some reason.

The only thing I could make out of something like that is that it pulls out of one’s nature a heightened sense of aliveness and a greater acuity towards looking at an awareness in a responsible way rather than maybe one that’s a little more laid back.

It’s a type of being shaken or jarred. The fact that you’re actually aiming the arrow at the teacher, it’s as if you’re trying to disappear yourself into the teacher. Because that’s the one thing that would—if you’re the arrow, too—that’s one thing that would energetically snap your nature.

Dreams like this, the way I experience this kind of theme vibration, was it made it very, very hard to sleep. Going through this, it left me energetically heightened and infused. Almost as if I’m in a state of apprehension or something, because normally I can just go to sleep. After a dream like this, it stirs something up.

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