A Corrective Process

enso-2014The image of ice skating in a dream offers such a great analogy to our lives, in the sense that, for the most part, we just glide over the surface of things. We take everything at face value and don’t put much effort or attention into what really might be at play. And, of course, what is happening on the energetic levels dictates what can happen in the physical realms. This is why it is said that life is an illusion, because we can’t understand it fully by just being a casual observer.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams last night just seemed kind of bland in a way, and mostly they revolved around ice skating. It was like I was supposed to be ice skating and I had a teacher.

It still felt like I was a student, because at one point, I felt like I was being a little shunned by a group and I had to go by myself to that mail locker. I discovered there was a bunch of mail that had been put in there, including mail that had been sent to me, but sent to the wrong name first, and then it came to me. And it was some papers from a test I’d taken and I’d gotten graded and I only had like C- and C+.

Those were written tests, but most of the tests we were doing, we were ice skating. Our ice skating teacher had gone off with her partner and you felt like they had gone to a contest and they had won something, but there were three of us that were practicing while she was gone and they were two girls that I knew from boot camp and myself.

When we practiced, we had to practice without our ice skates on. We had to go out on this pond, find the smooth spots, and we had to practice all the moves just in, like, stocking feet, or something. And we seemed to be able to glide across the ice that way, but we weren’t given our ice skates yet—we weren’t able to compete yet, like in the ice skating competitions.

The whole night was like that. It was kind of things that were kind of mild and glided, but also being pushed to do something.

John: Well, it appears to be a dream that’s about trying to understand some principle underneath the ordinary activities that predominates as a latent force in the background. Kind of in keeping with what we were talking about in terms of the bee world, where you have the honey bees and the drones, and that there is a latent importance in terms of the way the hive survives, in terms of throwing out the drones, and keeping the honey bees, and how the queen functions in relationship as if to a higher order of things, in terms of perpetuating that system and that society.

And human beings probably a little bit like that too, in the sense that you can easily settle for things, or you can try to look at a greater energetic.

The dream seems to be implicating that there’s something underneath what is ordinarily going on, in terms of ice skating around. Yet, when you come back to basics and back to a stable point, like back to your locker, you’re dealing with mail. And the mail seems to be about some deeper importance of the skating around, right? It’s not the skating around.

It’s almost as if your dream is saying that the motions and the actions that you go through in the outer are always about something else, and it’s that something else that you have to be paying attention to and catching up with. That’s an implication to something else on an energetic level. That if you start acting as if life is about that, then you start keeping track of outer things that you’ve done and assigning a significance or importance to that, and you miss the boat again.

And the dream seems to be going ahead and doing a corrective process upon your nature to try to keep your attention attuned to where it needs to be attuned. You can flow through life, but not to get overly enamored by anything, where you don’t start getting totally caught up in what’s going on in your outer world.

The key, though, is because the inner and the outer are meant to come together and be reflective, is to somehow or another hold an attunement, or however you’d describe that, that is able to see how it is that something that happens in the outer is reflective of something much deeper in its importance on the inner.

And a human being with their senses is only going to be inclined to take note of how they’re doing ice skating and bicycling, or whatever the case may be about, and not realize that the true mail, the true thing that’s coming through inside of themselves, is something else, and that’s what you have to always be attentive to.

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