You May Proceed

heavens-golden-gatesThis dream image tells a powerful story about letting go: if we do let go, the universe will provide for us. Think about that: when we clutch tightly to our ego life, we disconnect from the universe and are truly alone. When we let go of ego and embrace universal purposes we can then become part of Its process; It will take care of our needs (as we are in service) because humans have been created to become a part of It. If we really understand this concept, we will begin to have an answer to why God “seems” to let bad things happen on this planet. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream it’s like I’ve gone out with some women friends that I know, maybe even some acquaintances of theirs. It’s like the ones I know better seem to leave except for one of the women, maybe they want to go home and the rest want to still go out.

So we run into a couple of guys and maybe another woman or two that do want to go out, and they don’t really want to go where we were, they want to go to this new place. So I tag along with them.

But first us women stop off at a restroom. Well, we go in this restroom and it’s a little odd because at one point when somebody opens the door I see how all three toilets were actually kind of built together, almost like in a semicircle, with green and blue tile as a background. And then when I go in to use them I have to find a part of a piece of toilet paper because it’s like the water has sprayed up and made the rest of the toilet paper wet. It’s just kind of an odd arrangement, but what was interesting about it was in a way I could see how it had all been constructed.

Then I go out to the counter and I realize my hair, I have longer hair in this dream, and it needs to be brushed and somebody has found all these brushes people have left behind, and washed them, and left them on the counter. So I just choose one or two that I use to brush my hair, and then leave there.

Then my friend comes up and we go out to go to the nightclub and I realize I have this longer white dress on and I have kind of a casual pink sweater over it, so I take off the sweater and that’s when they indicate they want to go to one place, not another, and I go on to the nightclub with the group.

Now, the only thing that happens after this is I just have a flash of where it’s like I go back to the very first dream and it’s been made into a movie, and I think they called it something like Badger’s End, but I’m not sure exactly about the title.

John: The thing you’re seeing in this dream, the thing that’s going on, is you start off kind of as an observer in terms of something to unfold, and the only reason for that initial input is to create the recognition that you need to let go. An observer is someone who lets go and is going along with the flow.

But you’re doing more than just going along with the flow. You’re also recognizing that there are reasons behind things, so when you go into the bathrooms you recognize that the way the stalls are constructed there are reasons behind it – but you might not understand quite why or how that is.

In other words, things are beyond your comprehension, which means water is splashed up and affected the toilet paper and whatnot, so you don’t really have the full grasp of the entire functionality smoothly worked out. But you’re letting go, which is the first aspect of the dream, you’re letting go, you’re willing to be a bit more of an observer than a person who is reactive, because if you’re reactive about stuff that just isn’t quite up to snuff, then that causes your attention to go to try to steer it this way, or that way, and you don’t see what is in flow. That is meant to be. That is there kind of in a giving way for you to catch up with, one step after the next.

And the first thing that’s given to you freely is the idea that you had this need to come out of some disheveled appearance, or to comb your hair or whatever, and the brushes are just right there. They’re given to you. They suit the need that you have.

The next thing you realize is that, as you now proceed, because you’ve let go you now proceed, you’re in a white dress with something pink on. The pink is something more in life in terms of how one gets into things in life, and the white is an aspect of purity. You’re able to take off the limitations and be able to be more in what is meant or intended in terms of a flow or connection to things that is happening.

And the fact that you can do that, this creates a story, this creates something very interesting and it’s like a movie. In other words, it’s not a movie that has you going up hill and dale and through trauma this and trauma that like a crazy soap opera. It has to do with how something is just like kind of naturally unfolding and it has a storyline to it. And the storyline that you’re catching up with is something that is wanting and meant to awaken – in terms of your being within – for you to be able to be more in terms of what and how it is that you’re meant and intended to be.

And the only little peculiarity that threw you for a kind of a spell or spill for awhile was being mystified over the appearances of the toilets and the fact that they didn’t quite… you know, they splattered water up or something and whatnot. In other words, you didn’t quite have it down yet. And then, all of a sudden, you were in sync with one sequence after the next sequence after the next sequence in which everything is just kind of coming together.

You can’t say it was a harmony; it was a naturalness. Because a harmony has something to do with trying to steer or balance something in some regard. You weren’t doing any of that. You were just kind of flashing from one realization to the next realization in terms of how something fit or unfolded. Isn’t that interesting?

Jeane: And it all had some kind of relationship to a badger.

John: Well, yeah, you’re badgering yourself. The badgering of yourself comes you know because the water splashed up and over the toilet paper and things like that, and if you would have walked around carrying that mood, or that attitude, you couldn’t have taken care of your hair that is growing. And hair represents a type of grace in a woman when it gets long, and here are the brushes and whatnot that are necessary for being able to attend to it.

And so you just naturally accept that. If you would have sat there and pondered that, just like you could have pondered the splashing up of the water on the toilet paper, you could have pondered that, and how would you have ended up in the white dress then? In other words, you would have had to make sense out of everything instead of it being part of you, under a flow of a design yourself, that is meant to be.

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