Still the Same

cosmic-connection-Whether we are talking about our possessions, careers, family, or religion, our tendency is to always consider those relationships as outside of ourselves. Yet it is all inside of us; even our actions begin inside us, with our intentions and purposes. And we know that to have a proper relationship with anything in our lives it requires that we assemble ourselves to be a fertile ground to promote and support that relationship. We make internal adjustments to keep the connections with what we deem important. We know it’s true for the external, but it’s even more important in the energetic realms.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my first dream, it’s like something had fallen down from the sky into the ocean, and been down there a long time, and it’s formed this little kind of melted together glob of… it’s probably only about six or eight inches around, of different little objects that seem like they have melted together now because they’ve been underwater a long time.

So a group of us seem to be able to walk around under the ocean, and we’re gathered there and a couple of the scientific types are pointing out to me and everybody how this object is from outer space. And there’s one man who’s kind of taken possession of the object now, who’s particularly fascinated with it, and a little puffed up with having it, and pointing out this and that and how that all confirms it’s from outer space – and seems to be his at this point.

Well then along comes this scientist and he points out that one of the objects in there is a penny, and this object is not from outer space, it just looks like it does because it’s been under the ocean for a long time. And then I realize that the guy that has the object is still trying to, even though he has heard what the other person says, it seems like he’s still trying to get us to look at it as though it’s from outer space.

John: It’s an unusual dream in that it is running the dynamic of this idea of people placing their attention to something that is presumed to be beyond themselves, in other words, outside of themselves, from somewhere else.

And once you go off on a tangent like that of looking at aspects of life as being something more than what you typically comprehend, or are able to comprehend, that leads to getting into and perpetuating spiritual illusions. This is a dream I think that’s important from the standpoint that it helps one realize that, yes, something does come down and through, or so that’s the way you say it in terms of the will coming from essentially within, but it is always everywhere where you are at. And so if you go into the depths of yourself, you find that things can look different, and yet that oneness, that penny, that oneness, is still the same. So, as above, so below is always taking place and going on.

Now there’s an example of this sort of thing going on with this whole flotilla of things in a junk circle in the ocean, that goes around and around when it gets out to a certain depth, and now a lot of it is flushing ashore. And there are even boats that are going out there to anticipate some of it before it arrives on shore because there are platforms, there are all kinds of things that are coming ashore, and they don’t necessarily look like they looked when they were affected by the tsunami in Japan. They had barnacles on them and they look entirely different, and you could easily say well, gosh, that’s a boat of some sort, and hardly recognize it because it’s so full of things that have attached to it while it’s been out to sea.

And the joke is that it’s almost supporting another kind of life that is creeping up around this stuff, and now it’s washing ashore and it has the barnacles and all of that stuff on it, and so it’s easy to have a different perspective about that than what you would have had if you would have seen it when it was in place in Japan.

Yet, has anything really changed? Not really, it just depends upon your ability to see what it really is, or was, and not get caught up in the change of the image of things that your mind is inclined to do in terms of playing tricks upon you, as your imagination gets going in the same motif. You can get to a point where you could talk yourself into anything and, therefore, hold yourself back as a consequence.

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