Stringing the Pearls

Gillian Rogers

Our dream images can be looked at from the point of view of flow. And here is a great example: a train ride through India, a setting where no experienced traveler would expect things to run perfectly. And our main character is having difficulty trying to find something, yet as soon as she tells another person to, basically, go with the flow, her problem is solved and the scene shifts to looking at pearls, which can be considered wisdom, or the gems of higher energy. Said another way, the pearls are available to us when we accept the universal flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my dream is I seem to be on a train going through India, and there’s an old friend of mine, a guy I know that’s kind of very suave, that’s on the train and other people I’m dialoguing with.

Everything is very colorful, but it’s like when I get up to go to find a bathroom, trying to find a bathroom that actually works is really difficult. You even find, even though it’s a train, it’s like you find one room that’s more like a locker room, and then you find stalls that maybe the toilet’s going to work or it’s not going to work, or the toilet’s outside the stall instead of inside the stall.

It’s just India. It’s like colorful and you just have to kind of make do. And I run into some woman that’s asking about it, and she wants to know if trains run on time, and if things worked smoothly on our trip, because she’s going to be going on a trip. And I’m like making some reply, well, that’s not India, you know.

And then it feels like having found a bathroom and gotten back to where I guess the carriage place, whatever you would call those rooms on your train. Then the dream switches and it feels like I’m dreaming about all these seed pearls, and seed pearls are kind of like a little rougher pearl. In my dream they’re a little longer, rougher pearl, almost like a pink shade, and maybe some in white, and it’s like I’m just doing something with all these pearls like I maybe want to make something out of them. That’s all I remember.

John: So your dream was heavily influenced by the energetic from last night in which the theme got set by the fact that there is a dormancy that needs to come out of its dormancy because behind it is an awareness and an acuity that is meant to be ushered into life. 

However, a lot of spirituality and such has gotten in the way, and so as a consequence it has gotten turned on its ear, but only for purposes of smashing that so that what’s behind that can come through. Your dream portrays that, too.

In other words, you’re on a train, you can’t find a bathroom that works. In other words, you’re struggling to get something to come into cohesion, in terms of how you maintain, or sustain, or hold onto what is important, that needs to be within grasp, that needs to come up from within. It’s blocked, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on the process. You’re on the process, you’re on the train, it’s just that you can’t quite… you’re being affected or infected by the vibration of what is going on.

And so you are finding out for yourself what it feels like to try to be succinctly within a flow, as you know is meant to be, and is possible. And the quality of it being like this actually means that you’re getting close to it, or you wouldn’t be seeing it. And different from the dreams that were presented last night, you pop through. You saw the string of pearls that just needed to be connected, or intertwined, that you could see the alignment of that.

And so you discovered, and recognized, what it was about. In other words, the other was awkward and clumsy as you were struggling to get that to come into cohesion and, all of a sudden, you shift through and what there is, like the pearls or whatever that is, that needs to be brought into cohesion, is brought there – and then put into balance.

And so what one has to look at is that we’re all affected by what rubs off in terms of what’s going on in our environment around us, and so to a certain degree that was put into the ethers and so that set in motion something that shook you in terms of what that energetic and vibration is like. You did a review. You realized that you recognize the quality of a likeness inside of yourself, and then you also realized that you have a sense of something that is coming into a cohesion.

So, the question is why is that asunder yet, when it’s meant to go to a depth of something or bring something through? Why is that asunder, and why do you have a dream that actually shows that something can come into an alignment? 

You have a means by which you can tell that sort of thing as part of the way that your balance and container energy works. And that’s what your dream did. It comes out the other side of that. So I think the dream is important from the standpoint it takes the situation at hand, examines or reviews the situation at hand as it applies to you, and then gives you the information as to where you stand. And when you have the differences to have to contend with, then it’s important to recognize what is it?, in terms of how you’re able to be that makes the difference

I think it has a lot to do with letting go of things, and that somehow or another you can naturally do that. You are able to hear, and to see, and to recognize, and to accept and to acknowledge, little things that make the difference that keep one from getting caught in around and around, thus you subtly are able to shift and start stringing the pearls together.

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Point of Focus

Flame-FocalPointIf we consider that our development is always in process, we can see how our dreams can show us where we are in that process. That knowledge can help us see the best way forward. In this example, the dreamer is trying to get free of the things that have been put upon her by others, to find a state that is more natural to her. That will ultimately enable her to progress because she is shedding what is “not her,” as a means of taking on more of what she wants to become. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my next dream, it’s like I belong to an ice skating group at times. It’s run by kind of a dictatorial guy who designs the acts that we dance and everything, and sometimes he has us wear these really short skirts and outfits. And I’m noticing one of the girls, and I’m not even sure what she has on underneath it, but it’s the beginning of the ice skating season and we’ve gone out and we’re sitting on the bench while he talks to the crowd or something.

And then I notice that I’m wearing a garter belt underneath my little ice skating skirt, so when I go out and twirl on the ice it will show the snaps where the garter fastens, and I just feel that’s kind of a look I don’t really want. So while he’s talking to people further down the line in the group, before they have to get up and ice skate or something, I use that as kind of a cover to unfasten the garter belt and slip it off.

And then it feels like the stockings themselves have become almost like a plastic-type material that I have to strip off my legs as quickly as I can, and I kind of use the cover even when he comes over and he’s talking to us. I just kind of use his body as cover to finish that so that my legs will just be plain, and bare, and all the same color without garter belts, or anything else on them, before I dance.

And I know one of the other girls even questions me about this, but it’s almost like I want as natural a look when dancing as possible, rather than some kind of look someone else gave me, or that I felt was kind of cheesy or whatever.

John: I don’t know whether you can tell, or you can see this or not, but for some peculiar reason you need to know, and you need to understand, and you’re having to be trained to recognize the variables of what goes on at a particular aspect or level of the breath.

So you’re still in the same zone, identically in fact, in other words as you were in the previous dream. And so associated with that spot is another quality, and that quality is a type of way you look at yourself in kind of a sensation self-consciousness or something, in terms of how you see yourself. In other words, just like you have kind of the shock effect or something that occurs, that creates an attention, or a paying attention, or an on guard or something, so it doesn’t quite go into the total emptiness at the top. In this very same spot.

Once you have gotten to where you’re sticking, or you’re clicking, or you’re hitting there, it corresponds this whole thing about the garter belt imagery and whatnot, so you’re having to understand what all of that feels like, or sensates like. You’re having to understand that as yet another component, or variable, or mannerism that then has to reflect, or inflect, into life in a particular kind of defined way even. In other words, it’s going to have its correspondence straight across in terms of how you portray, or come across, in the outer.

In fact, the dream is like doing that, and so it really strikes me as interesting, the fact that we seem to have to be open and receptive to recognizing a point, in other words, the point where we’re located, the point of where something is going on with us. And I suppose it’s interesting to, or necessary to, try to recognize that point in relationship to the breath, especially when you know that the object is to bring something all the way down and through.

But then what’s so interesting is, you have this on various levels over and over and over again of the in-breath up, and then whatever is then down, and bring it all the way through. All of this is rather amazing because what it did is help zoom or zone in on the fact of breathing, and the importance of it in terms of it being a point of focus for consciousness, and access to the unseen light even.

In other words, you’re working with the unseen light, and you’re better able to catch up kind of as an inflection of that when you bring something all the way through to where it touches in creation, it touches manifestation, so that then something as a spirit energy can sparkle or awaken therein.

And that you can get a sense of that. That’s about as good as it gets type thing in terms of being able to actually hold on to something; otherwise we just sit in the expanse of the expanse. And when that something sparkles and opens up, that’s what’s meant by the eyes and ears of God able to appreciate the hidden treasure – because otherwise it’s too much to grasp.

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Top and Bottom

Picture 042

In this dream image, our main character takes an elevator ride to visit someone on a top floor of a tall skyscraper. But things suddenly turn strange when her host is shot and another person is wounded. What could cause such a shift? If we remember that the dream is describing an inner process of the dreamer, we can understand that something at that “elevation” was too much to handle. A development process involves bringing what is higher, “down” into our daily lives. Our dreams can give us reports on our progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream I go up an elevator in a really tall building. We’re visiting someone. I think my mother, or a woman that I think of as my mother, is with me, and we get way up on this tall floor in this very kind of sleek building to visit someone who lives there.

We’re in his apartment and, at some point, he gets called to the door and I suddenly have this sense, when he goes to the door, to hide behind one of the walls and pull who’s ever with me behind the wall, too, so we’re not seen. And, sure enough, he steps outside the door and he gets shot or something.

So then I immediately go to help him, and the person who shot him isn’t around and even he seems to have disappeared, but there’s this really big guy who is wounded, like he got stabbed in the belly or something, who’s kind of a rough looking character. But I know he was the person who tried to help the guy that was shot, so I go over to help him.

I kind of have him lay down and put some pressure on where he was wounded while someone else goes to get help, and then at one point I go and make sure that his stuff is still with him and no one messes with it. And then I just kind of spend my time trying to calm him until they come to help.

Then it feels like he’s gone, too, like maybe they came and got him, and I go back in and we want to go down now to the ground – but it takes forever. The elevator just doesn’t come, and I realize everybody’s waiting for the elevator in one room and it seems like we really need to go into the other room to get the elevator. It’s just going back and forth and trying to figure out when the elevator will finally come.

And maybe it doesn’t really run to the room, or the space, we think it does? I finally get it figured out and I get on the elevator with my mom, but when we go down there are two levels where you can get off. One’s like a plaza level and the other’s more like the real ground level, and I must step out on that little bit higher level, and she doesn’t, because I lose her. And then I have to go out and walk out on the plaza and try to figure out how to get down that much further now, because I don’t want to go wait for the elevator again.

John: You know, we’re actually dreaming in terms of aspects of the breath, and that’s very interesting. So your dream starts off high in the breath, high on the in-breath, and it’s almost like something that is awakening high on the in-breath, because high on the in-breath once upon a time you were doing some things, and it’s close to kind of a home way up there at the top, in a realm that’s not that conscious in the outer, where there was the image long ago of you being able to kind of like let the winds, or aspects of an energetic, just kind of as a container of yourself flow this way and that way.

Well, in this particular case what has happened is high up in there, there is something there that created a shock or an effect, too, upon your nature, but something up high in the light got shocked, got affected, got traumatized to some degree.

And so whenever you’re high up in one particular point, which means you’re not all the way to the top, you’re in the corresponding reflective in the other, which means you’re not all the way down in life. But what’s indicated is you’re meant to come all the way down – because your mother comes all the way down, but you get off at a particular point.

What’s hard to understand in the dream is that the ability to come all the way down is the ability to having also gone all the way to the top on the in-breath. The two points, the top and the bottom, come together that way because when you reach a state of, when you’re in the top you’re correspondingly kind of actually tend to be in the bottom.

These were all shifted levels, of course, because then there becomes another shifted level where you again have to get to the top and, therefore, you have to get to the bottom. So you’re dreaming how this process works. And the key to understanding this process is to start to notice what you’re doing, and where you’re doing it, in terms of the level of the breath.

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