A Point of Awakening

492Here is an excellent dream and analysis that shows the flow of events as they unfold in a positive way, when we’re open to our own inner guidance. In the first scene at a party, there’s an odd problem underneath the skin of Jeane, the main character. But that distraction is quickly offered a solution in the form of another woman coming to help. With that internal issue resolved, Jeane can now advance to university classes, a symbol of higher, spiritual learning, particularly noted as being “for her,” and not to advance a career. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream it’s like I’ve gone to a university and I’m trying to get registered for classes. And before I go to the university to register for classes, it’s like I’m at a party.

And I don’t remember the first part of it, but at one point I’m with someone at the party and I look down at my arm and I notice it has all these lumps under the skin, and I kind of poke at it and I’m wondering what to do, and this girl comes along and she tells me if I want to get rid of that there’s a Chi Gong class that I should take. And she shows me how to leave where I am, and this class is like, uptown. It’s almost like New York. It would be up in the Bronx almost.

So she takes me there, shows me how to get there, shows me where the class is, and then we leave there and we go back to the university. And we’ve gone from the party and now we’ve gone to the university and I’m supposed to register for classes, and somebody else has told me that there’s this class I should take that’s involved with color, and they point to a woman in a magazine.

And the reason that I know I should take this class is I remember now at the party there was a man that had come up, and when he had to leave he’d given me this statue. It was like a statue and then the top of it was a carving you could wear around your neck. It was very kind of Aboriginal and I’d been told that it had been made by this woman who runs this class at the university. And when he first gave it to me I wore part of it around my neck, and I’d separated out the statue part and had set it down, and then as I wandered around the party at some point the whole thing had disappeared.

But there was something about it, or the woman who made it, that intrigued me so when I go to the university I go to this woman’s class and I find out it’s a class that is about color and design. And I’m talking with another woman and we go and we both register for the class. She shows me how to do it, and I want to maybe sit and take the rest of that first class once I’ve gone down the front where the teacher is and gotten my card and signed my name. And then I have to go to the registrar’s office and I want to do that and I know there’s some other classes I want to take. I wonder if I should register for everything once, but she feels that we should visit each classroom so that we know where things are as we register.

Since I already know where the class in the Bronx is, and there’s this class, then I know there are two more I want to take and I’m saying to her that I already have a Master’s Degree and I went to college before, but this time I’m just taking classes for me. It’s like it’s not for any other reason, just classes that I’ll take for me. That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming is about waking up an aliveness, or an awareness, that has been dormant or is recessed in one’s nature that is able to be brought out. And what you’re really bringing out is a connection with the inner. In other words, there’s an excitement, there’s an exuberance, there’s a flow, there’s an awakening, there’s a whole corresponding recognition that arises when you’re able to recognize in the outer that which corresponds, little by little, more and more closely, to the inner.

So, to begin with, you start off at a party in a condition that is out of it, meaning that you’re probably self-conscious at the party, you’re probably not quite able to even get into the flow of the party, and yet you meet someone there who sees that you have these bumps, or these conditions, that veil or keep you from being how it is you’re able and meant to be able to be – in terms of having a flow, having a quality of excitement, and energetic magnetism, to your nature.

So she points out what is required to cause all of that to go away, and she describes how this is able to take place, or how this works, in relationship to what you do in order to basically step up the energy to make the connection.

So the dream is separated into two parts, and both parts are doing the same thing, except that this first part has to do with something in which there is kind of a certain overall woe, or mannerism of mood, or qualm, or sadness, or despair, or insecurity or something like that that stands in the way. Once that is removed, now you’re able to actually discover more of yourself.

While you were carrying that, and had that impression in terms of yourself, you were only able to come up to a particular point because that sort of thing would predominate in terms of how you would see yourself. Once that’s removed, then the same person can then direct you back from a way of being able to appreciate something in a flow, like the party, to the ability to awaken up something even further inside of yourself that you’re able to reach.

And so the intrigue comes initially off of something that you saw or perceive that has to do with color and something or another, and that part doesn’t really get completed in your dream, but through light and through color is information. And so, somehow or another, you sense something more as a consequence of her trying to encourage now that she’s brought you back to where you can be more of your animate self to encourage you to take on more from within.

Initially you could say, well, it’s really got to be meaningful for me because I already have a Master’s degree. Do I really need to go back to school and acquire and learn this whole other more? Is this something that’s needed?

The decision is made based upon a quality of how you feel the inner energetic magnetism. In other words, when you get to a point where you are weighed down, you can’t make that decision. And you could easily rationalize your position as good enough as it is given the situation and the circumstance. However, once you’ve freed yourself of anything that can be imposing a limitation upon yourself, then you’re able to feel a greater energetic expansive quality of your beingness awakened to which, yes, you could take on and can be even more.

And so, again, like I mentioned at the beginning, this is a dream about what it takes and what’s involved to reach a point of an awakening. And it also has another quality to it, in that it infers that this is dormant inside of you and, therefore, you need to be in the presence or the energetic of that which already has a kind of a free-flow access. And when you’re in that presence and you’re able to be receptive to what is there to be seen, it awakens, it stirs again in your being and you get beyond whatever nuance or veil it was that stood in between, or stood in the way, from you recognizing it ordinarily. That’s a very good dream.

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