Beyond Appearances

realityWhat does it mean when we hear the idea that life is an illusion? Well, on one level it says that everything that we have created, that is man-made and man-focused, has nothing to do with what the universe is doing. Does the universe care about money, clothes, or the Internet? No. And it is just that disconnection that makes life so hard for us to understand. Our lives could be simple, if we realized that we have been born into, and part of, something much bigger, and that unfoldment is what is real. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I came out of my meditation dream at about 1:30am, but didn’t come to bed until practically 3:00am because I had the hardest time figuring out the central aspect or theme of it. There wasn’t much that I wrote up even, only two-thirds of a page, but it took over an hour to figure it out.

In the meditation dream, I’m not sure what to make of a situation in life. After a while I realize what is going on has an inner flow which affects the outer productivity. As I keep observing the transitioning I come to realize that the unfoldment is a designed, meaningful thing. My attention is upon what is unfolding. I realize that there is an inner effect with the outer that I am able to see. I find myself more attentive to an inner transition.

Meaning, to be attentive to what unfolds around me in the outer I need to perceive the inner behind all of this. To do so is to catch up more directly with the deeper inner memos in life that are always there but hardly anyone notices.

So, that was the central theme from which all of these dreams proceed to grab bits and pieces.

So, in the first dream is I’m at a car auction and I’m previewing a, it’s like an auction sheet, and I’m being shown this from a person who is… I’m not really a buyer, I am actually a seller but I’m not letting anybody know. And so I’m previewing this sheet, getting this guy who is actually there and has the sheet in his hand, explain what it is that’s on this sheet, all these various cars.

And as I ask him about these cars, and he’s going through them one by one describing them, he comes to the Jag. In other words, we put the Jag up for auction there. And he refers to it because he seems to know about all these vehicles. He’s seen the sheet, he’s done his homework, but the vehicles aren’t necessarily there; they’re in different places.

And so he refers to this vehicle, the Jag, as some vehicle that is in an alley, and I’m kind of familiar with that Jag that’s over in the alley a ways away. It’s kind of a beat up thing, you know, it’s not going to bring much. And so I say, no, it is not this Jag. The Jag is in a parking garage that is a short distance away – and it is the buy of all the cars.

The preview guide has it at an opening bid of $5,000. I tell him that the car has its original paint job, has under 50,000 miles, has all the upgrades. Do you want to see it? He says yes, and so I’m also with a person who goes wherever I go, no matter what I do, or the conditions are that I do these things under, because he wants to learn what there is to learn from me. He’s like my shadow now.

So, when the guy says he wants to see it, it’s like all of a sudden it’s not just raining outside, it’s raining hard. And so I say to the car buyer, “Do you want to take a cab, or run?” because we could run over to where it’s at, but we’re going to get sopping wet no matter what we do. He’s conservative, might take a cab, and he says, “Let’s run.”

So we all start off running and from there all I remember is we ran through a carnival area where we got past the ticket booth, and had to wind our way through all of that, on our way to where the car is at, that was along the route, and then I wake up.

The meaning of this is, this is another dream in which everything that goes on in life points to something deeper and richer inside. But the dream also points out that we carry an energetic connection to everything in life around us. We need to be connected to this energetically and, when we are, a magnetic quality arises, or awakens, and occurs. We can direct our outcome with ease and bring excitement to the occasion when we’re in touch with that – instead of out of sync with it. So that’s the first part of this same dream yet.

And then I go back to sleep and I have now returned back to the auction house. And there are a whole bunch of people standing around looking at the Jag, and they’re all believing this to be the run down Jag in an alley that they are all familiar with. These are more bidders. I’ve only got one decent bidder and the rest of them are all believing this is a piece of shit. They’re looking at the Jag, but it’s as if the Jag is there, but the Jag isn’t there. The Jag is, before it was, of course, just the magazine.

And so I realize I’m in a kind of a bait-and-switch buying scenario that works to my disadvantage. In other words, they’re going to be bidding on this thing as if it’s one thing, and then we’re going to get something so much better. So I go to the entrance and say, I’m going to pull the Jag from the sale. They say, you can’t do that. I say, you can’t sell a car that doesn’t exist.

The meaning of the dream is the dream points out that our perceptions of the world with our physical senses only have us relating to that which doesn’t really exist. By that I mean it has us making decisions about what is real in terms of only seeing things that are illusory.

I will not go along with being part of any sort of self-deception. For example, from the prior dream, I know the energetic aliveness needed to go beyond appearances, and I know that that is lacking. I am interested in what is dynamic and alive energetically in manifestation, not that which is sad and dull.

The reason is because our natural nature lived out in manifestation corresponds to how we are on the inner level. I want to reflect my essence as much as possible from the other side. Therefore, as shown in this dream, I cannot cater to a conduct that makes a mockery and further veils such aliveness. Isn’t that interesting?

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