The Divine Thread

efWe can’t always know, or understand, the reasons why things happen. But we can get closer to the truth when we look to the causing realms, or the energy realms, because that’s where everything begins. And there are many levels to that, as well. It can be the energy of a single person, or the energy that an angry mob can connect to, or it can be the energy of the land where people live, or it can be the energy that is sweeping into the planet from the universe. It can be all of them at once. Energy connected to must play out, or manifest, in some way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the problem I had last night was I was reading this book that took place in, actually, Sweden I guess, but it was really about arms that they’re sending to support the war in Africa, and the genocide there. And also the book had a lot that dealt with much of the genocide that goes on where Arabs in Africa are killing the blacks, and the children, and everyone.

It’s really horrible, and the blackmail and the stuff that goes on to hide the fact that they’re shipping arms to both sides and all of that, and I think I was so disturbed by the book that that’s all I dreamt about was the book. I just feel like I dreamt about things I read in the book. I didn’t really have a dream that felt like my dream.

John: Well it sounds like you got OD’d over things in the outer to the point where you weren’t able to see a deeper significance behind why it is that all of that happens. Because everything that is occurring has a reason behind it, has a deeper inlaid plan, has something from an inner quality that is affecting it to be like that in some area or mannerism in terms of how it reflects in the outer.

Now it could be that it’s like that simply because it portrays something then that can be adjusted or fixed because what’s a little known detail is that everything actually reflects here, in physical creation and manifestation, and when you take and you make adjustments and modifications to things here, you also affect it on the inner planes. That is kind of like the co-creator quality, in a sense, in terms of something here rising back up.

But, of course, in order to know what you’re doing, and in order to follow the memo properly, and to take it out of a state of chaos, you need to catch up with the flow first of the inner coming into the outer. Or, as it is said, light coming down to touch light. And then it can be light rising up to touch light.

Because everything is so veiled, and so dense, and so slowed down here, it is very, very easy to be, so to speak, unconscious and caught up in the aspects of the outer that strike a person’s attention – and then have their inflections affected by that – which then breaks the subtleness that’s needed to be able to grasp the inner coming into the outer.

And so one can be inclined to think in terms of how shocking something is in the outer, that that then has taken and obliterated something more meaningful. But, no, it’s still meaningful. And it still reflects something. It just doesn’t have the divine thread, or the inner, behind it, so that the cycle or the circuit can be completed.

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