A Container Energy

event0Though we don’t get to hear the end of the story in this dream, it still can show us how the different elements are interacting. Because we are all the characters in our dreams, they each represent some aspect of our inner lives. Here, the main character is trying to smooth out a relationship that threatens to disrupt the established flow of the whole. And if we think that we try in our lives to move toward certain aspirations, we know there is always a renegade aspect that needs to be assuaged. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I only remember a little bit of one other dream. I had about four dreams, but it felt like each time I woke up and went back to sleep I lost the dream. The other dream I remember part of, it’s like I’ve run into a male relative, an older male relative, and he’s going to be leaving his wife for the maid.

And I go over to the house and it’s like I look at the maid and I realize that maybe he’s going to leave his wife for her, but she won’t really be able to handle the social obligations of the family. Then he’s out of the house, so I go to talk to one of my younger female relatives who lives there to see how she’s doing with everything.

And I just can’t remember the rest of what happened in that dream, or the other dreams.

John: So, this is like taking a step backwards in terms of maintaining or sustaining something. And so you’re looking at how this whole schematic of what is apt to be transpiring. In other words, if the husband or the guy is going around the bend, how is that going to be affecting the other feminine elements in terms of how they have been getting by, when before they had a scenario in which there was a sense of balance. And now the whole thing is thrown up in the air. How are they going to be able to handle this?

Wow. So, essentially this is like a dream that portrays a type of worry, and what the worry is, is that, because you have to put yourself in the shoes of the young girl in the household, and then you have to recognize that when everything was a-okay in terms of the masculine and the feminine relationship in the order of the family, then things should have been just fine for her because she would be learning and growing in an atmosphere that was conducive.

And so the question you now seem to have is that, if all of this gets thrown up in the air, does this mean that what had maybe been a type of cadence, and balance, and flow, if this is thrown up in the air, is this going to destroy the equanimity and balance of the young girl, the daughter in the family, or does she have her own center of balance that is able to rise up beyond all of this?

In other words, is something about to be broken, and if there is collateral damage that will ensue in relationship to the young daughter? Or, a really other perverse way of looking at it is, is the young daughter so out of balance that she helped contribute to a lack of clarity in relationship to what helped hold the equation of things together so that the father went around the bend? Because the father’s perspective always dotes and images through the daughter, too, and is something like that awry, too, in terms of a wholeness?

Because it is said that parents have children, and the type of children that they have enables them to grow and unfold, as well, and for him to be taking and going and doing something so radically different suggests or indicates that maybe he lacks what is necessary as an appreciation towards what he could come to know and see through the eyes of the daughter. So there’s that.

So the question then is, what would trigger a dream like this? In other words, you actually saw something that it would be nice if you could, as a container energy, pull things through better, pull things through better as an awareness and a consciousness.

You went the other direction in terms of the responsibility. That’s an interesting way to look at it, as well, because the conception is that it’s always the masculine that’s out there making things safe, or trying to break through the clarity of things so that the ideation is reached and arrived at. And the feminine energy sits kind of waiting, or in a quality of herself, to help pull that down and through.

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