The Central Office

space2This dream imagery is particularly helpful because it shows that things can happen on the inner levels similarly to the way they unfold in outer life. And what is at issue is something missed, something not connected to that could have been connected to. At a certain level, everything we do is in relation to a flow, whether we are completely disconnected from it, or feeling in tune with it – and that relationship can change everything that is possible for us in the next moment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I kind of work as part of a large organization and I’ve been called more to the central office, and I’m meeting with a group of people there because we have a special project we’re working on for one of the administrators. So we go there regularly and we meet and finish this project.

Well, when the project’s complete, the administrator is talking to us one day about a certain restaurant, but when it comes like about 5 o’clock I leave. And then after I leave I realize that the last time we worked on a special project it’s not like we really get anything extra for this project, but they’ve taken us out to dinner, or maybe they gave us something so we could go out to dinner at a certain place.

So I’m wondering if that’s what they were planning on doing that night and I had missed the cue, because I just left when 5 o’clock came, because to me we’d like finished the project so what’s done is done. But then are they going to be a little offended if they meant to take you out to dinner and you didn’t stay around to go out to the dinner, or not?

I just don’t know, so I seem to be a little confused about how everything ended.

John: So, you have to realize that one part leads to the other. So first of all, you are doing something that is important, or connected, to the central office or, in other words, the main thing in life, that you’re doing something that is on the path, or on the thread of that.

Whenever you do something that is in sync and in flow with what is intended to unfold, meaning, as the first part suggests, that you were doing something for the main office, then that causes other things to continue to open up. And what opens up is almost like the reciprocal realization, as part of doing all of this, that you then are able to go to the restaurant or to a whole other flow, a whole other shifted way or means, that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Now, you’re having this dream because for whatever particular reason you’re not making the association of how a particular level of balance, and understanding, and depth, and clarity, and consciousness inside reaches and causes something further to come into recognition. You aren’t making that association. In fact, you’re questioning it, or aren’t sure. In other words, for some particular reason you don’t quite give yourself permission to go along with the overall flow.

Maybe it’s better understood if one looks at how this naturally is, that you can put your finger on, which is simple awareness that whenever you’re feeling really good, or balanced, or satisfied with whatever it is that you’re doing, more things just naturally open up. But whenever you are feeling uptight, or irritable, and have to force yourself to do something and your heart isn’t into it, then you close down – and the potentiality around you closes down as well.

So this is on the same motif, and so it’s kind of like, if you think about it, the scenario might be, well, you were over helping your dad and because that was something that was central and essential as part of what is needed in terms of the bigger equation of life, and it feels good and it was a wonderful thing to do, and it left you with a great sensation, then other things just naturally ensued or opened up, which again is following the same principle.

And then that principle is even expressed in the Bible as honor thy father and thy mother. Well, why? Well, when you do something that you do in appreciation, and recognition, and acceptance, and in flow, things automatically come across that may not have been able to come into your awareness if you had gone around with an attitude, or a mood, or an uptightness.

So, you could say something like that kind of provided the scenario for triggering the dream, and then you could look at the general motif and how that works that I just described earlier, and then you could look at the dream itself and point out that you were doing something that was central, that was important to the whole, that was important to your flow, and so if other things ensued from that as a continuation or a process, you don’t doubt that, you don’t question that, you realize that that comes with the territory.

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