An Energetic Statement

image89To develop spiritually, or to develop as a human being is designed to develop, becomes a matter of the kind of energy we connect to – because everything we think and do connects to energy of some kind. But whatever we connect to generates an energetic power that we radiate throughout our own systems and into the world. Part of becoming conscious is to take greater responsibility for the energies we draw into ourselves and amplify into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So this dream went right in to a dream where I’m at a doctor’s office, and it’s a new doctor, a woman doctor, but I haven’t met with her before. So when I get there, it feels like she’s going to do something to test whether the cancer has spread to my elbow.

And at some point I look at her and I’m wondering why we do this test. She realizes that I’m wondering, too, because it may be kind of a painful test, like a bone marrow test or something, and so she decides that we should go aside and talk about why we’re doing this. And I explain to her I’d had a cancer and they wondered if it could reoccur, and I’ve apparently hurt my elbow and it wasn’t healing very fast.

But, by the time I got in to see her, not only is the elbow healed, I can’t remember which elbow it was that hurt. So the whole point of having the test now seems kind of absurd to me, and so it’s beginning to seem absurd to her, too. We’d have to even go back in the records to figure out which arm we’re talking about now, so she says that if I really have concerns she might be able to just do some kind of a blood test, or maybe she has a friend that can do certain kind of scans that are kind of new or experimental, but relatively painless.

But it’s like we’re talking about it and I’m realizing that really I no longer have any reason to be looking at this; but, like, there we are, or something.

John: Now what you did is you did the exact opposite of the first dream. In other words, the first dream you were connected with a wonderful flow that just ensued, and so what continued to follow from that process in terms of following that thread out, was just part of the overall vibration. In other words, it was within that vibratory way of being.

And so now you do the exact opposite. So now you take and you have a concern over the fact that maybe something isn’t quite right, and so you dwell upon it, and you dwell upon it, and you dwell upon it. And you do a psychosomatic even where, okay, now it could be in the elbow because the elbow is hurting and isn’t healing right.

The problem with a dream like that is that whenever you take on any kind of note, tone, mannerism that dwells upon something you can actually bring it about just like as described in the prior example, in the other dream, when you take and you have an uptightness or mannerism or attitude or something, you close something down. You’re always creating, whether you’re creating more flow, or less flow.

And if you choose to develop a demeanor that picks at yourself in some regard, you can actually create a reason to support why it is that you need to pick at yourself. You can actually create a problem, in other words, to go along with that thought, or that feeling, or that attitude.

The teacher tells the story of a woman who actually was married to a general or something in World War II, and it was almost like she had reached beyond her station to be married to this general. And people, in trying to understand it, started saying she was some sort of whore or something. And for some strange reason this concept got hooked into the collective, and everyone started to believe that she was something like that.

Well, for some peculiar reason, because everyone was saying this, she even started to believe this a little bit about herself too because that was the prevailing opinion – and the next thing you know she had adopted that mannerism.

So when you take and dwell on something you can actually bring… that’s why it is said that there comes a point in spiritual development where you have to be careful about what it is that you think about. And of course that extends to how you feel things, what kind of attitude you have, because this is an energetic statement that has to do with how you carry your energy, because the way you carry your energy creates self-fulfilling prophecy.

But the important thing is to recognize that you did a contango, you did the first and then you did the second, and the first was exactly opposite the second in order to make sure that you got the point in terms of the importance about how it is that you recognize how things flow.

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