Asking for Trouble

cannonballSpiritual illusions can come in many guises, but they always have one thing in common: they negate the essence of the spiritual truth. In these dream images, the awakening that is gained by connecting to higher things turns into an exercise in the ego, because in both instances the main character thinks he can control the outcome of things. And that, of course, is the opposite of surrender. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I should probably tell my last dream first because it shows the spiritual illusion of going way, way over-the-top, in the extreme in which the masculine can do it. And it’s amazing that I even bothered to write it up because it’s like something so bizarre that you are inclined to think that it’s just mind chatter.

And in this dream, it starts with when one realizes that the outer is all illusion and that a person is able to find something inside, or touch something inside, awaken into something inside that’s able to transcend much of the limitations. That is when the spiritual illusions can get to your head, can really get you. That is when you can go over-the-top. It is better to remain as is than to go over-the-top like this because you get into a domain, or a lightness, that takes you and removes you from everything.

In the dream I go so far over-the-top, I am outside the bounds of reality. To portray the vibration of what it’s like to be so over-the-top that you’re no longer relatable to life, that you can ooh and ahh life so to speak, which is really deceiving yourself, I shoot myself out of a cannon which, of course, is insane.

And I announce that I’m going to fly over this great distance and land in the ocean, a considerable ways away. And there are all kinds of people swimming in the ocean and somehow or another I’m going to gauge this where I’m going to land right where they’re not at. And when this works I find myself then propelling with an air propulsion system and seeing that I can do this because I have done this before, and I am navigating the shallow oceanic frontiers. What is missing are other human beings who, by their very nature, are non-assuming, simple, and innocently discreet.

So the question is, then, why did I experience this sci-fi thriller? This is so over-the-top you know in a transcendent way, isn’t it? I experience this over-the-top adventure to bring myself back to earth, in other words, to see what it’s like so that I can come back to earth, so that I might get back into life, instead of all of the wonders and amazements outside of human existence.

Simply put, I need to catch up to, with, and support where others are at, and quit trying to go beyond such barriers. The wonder is to be human, not to be lost on the other side. The theme of the dreaming is that when I reach a point of wonder I have to set all that aside and live in life no different than anyone else. Otherwise, I’m missing out on why it is that I am here. I was given a human body to have a human realization, not to throw it away in spiritual illusions. What is missing in the sci-fi adventure is I have lost the most important thing of all, a deep inner heartfelt connection that touches the outer delicately.

Now the meditation dream starts banging on the door, but it doesn’t hit me between the eyes like the sleep dream, which again, I’m surprised I even wrote up because it seemed like it was so stupid, but it’s not stupid, it’s trying to make a theme by throwing one into something that’s outrageous. And the fact is, is I went around and around in this outrageousness as I was dreaming it trying to navigate this way and navigate that way and out on the ocean… it was myself and two others, and I felt that one could do all of this because I seem to even have a memory of having done it before. But that doesn’t get one to the heart. And, there’s nobody around. They’re not in life.

So, in my meditation dream I get into an energetic which requires me to use my left foot to kick two pens through an upright. The reason why I’m down to this is because I have set myself up with so many problems that this is the way I bail myself out. Things haven’t worked, and haven’t worked because I’ve floundered this way and floundered that way and now all of a sudden I can do a Hail Mary. If I can kick this in a certain way so I have a pen leaning on one side, a pen leaning on the other, a thing underneath the foot impact, and somehow or another if I get this just right they’ll fly up in the air and they’ll go over the top.

Now I’ve got to do it with the left foot and there are obstacles in the way, and deep down I’m believing that this is actually possible. It’s like a double field goal, because if it doesn’t happen then I will lose. And I am restricted in a number of ways, so the main thing I have going for me is my positive attitude, spiritual attitude. I’m not paying attention to common sense here.

The fact that I keep trying in the dream to visualize in my mind’s eye how this needs to work out, because the alternative is a devastating consequence, exemplifies the personal motif, in other words using a spiritual energy, or things that they have a certain righteousness or rightfulness and needs to be there because you’re not caught up in the contanglements that everyone else is caught up in, so you still follow the same mannerism but you just do it in a different way of deceiving yourself. And so I wake up.

And the meaning is, is that I have placed myself into a personal motif energetically. In other words, thinking that it was spiritual, or thinking that I gained some sort of understanding, and the next thing you know I’ve done this other, a motif that requires a lucky break to come together as a compromise and contamination of the inner essence of a divine flow.

Consciousness does not come down through some sort of hope and wish in the outer. The flow is from the inner to outer, not the other way around, which in my dream is still kind of present. In other words, I worked it around to where this is how it needs to be because I am saying so. The reason for this dream is to get me to surrender to a naturalness and drop the trying to hit a personal home run as if I am owed such an entitlement. This is asking for trouble because I am not giving up to the inner divine will.

What the dream is doing is showing me the danger of a gambling energy archetype which comes to a point where if there is no surrender I am in trouble, because life in the outer in a personal motif must essentially get crushed before the potentiality of an inner essence is able to advance the divine need – and it only advances it through the heart.

The heart has always got to be there and this takes you to a point where you’re using your heart to go back and forth banging into things in a way that hurts you, as opposed to a heart that makes everything joyous and wondrous and all of that, in which you see life like that.

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