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atom-610x222As humans we can’t understand everything that’s going on; and we aren’t meant to. But what we can do is bring the intelligence, and knowings, we receive from our inner lives, or our inner guides, and ground them into life. And grounding something into life is the same process as having an idea and then creating something from that idea. We then can make the spiritual manifest in our lives and in the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The dream I remember it’s like I’ve gone with my family to Europe to live for a period of time. I’ve taken a leave from work. The main reason we’ve gone is because my mother had become somewhat senile.

It’s just my mother, my father, my sister, and I in Europe, and it feels almost like a Scandinavian country, and my mother improves there, and she’s more normal. So they decide – maybe they win a lottery or something – so they’re going to stay over there, and I feel like I need to go back to work in the States. And they want me to come back in a short period of time after I go back to the States, but even though I think initially I’ll do that, then I’ll tell them that really I have some mixed feelings about their decision to stay in Europe because they’re going to pay higher taxes there.

But also I don’t feel like I can go back and go to work and then suddenly say I’m taking another leave in a few weeks. That would kind of leave them in the lurch, so I’m going to work at least two more months and then I’ll kind of decide what to do.

So I leave in my car to go to the airport. I’m driving through the mountains and I’m not really sure of how to get there, and I feel like I’ve kind of taken a wrong turn so I kind of take this wild swing around and I come one direction, I come the other direction, and then I suddenly pass something that looks a little like a bus stop. And it feels like the bus stop is actually in the city, so I start to drive and I know the busses from there are going towards the airport.

So I start to zip by it, but suddenly the road ends, huge drop off. I find myself out of my vehicle somehow standing on the edge of the road where it breaks off, car’s disappeared, have no clue where it is, and right in front of me are a couple customs officials. And I look over to the left and there seems to be some kind of a garage. There must be buses that go to the airport from here, and they must do the customs check here, and I seem to be holding like a small pillow and something else in my one hand and I’m kind of clutching off.

I have a feeling that maybe I have a bag somewhere, and it’s okay, but my vehicle has completely disappeared. I have no clue where it is. In fact, I almost feel like if I don’t step right I could fall off the edge behind me, but the customs officials are right in front of me so I guess that means that I can get to the airport – but lord knows what’s happened to my car. That’s all I remember.

John: So the most important thing out of all of that, because the dreams were bizarre yesterday, but they have to do with a certain focus and attention that we seem to have awoken inside of ourselves. And even though we don’t know where it is, and what it’s about, we seem to go around almost in a state of a type of bewilderment, each of us.

In other words, to begin with you find yourself going to Europe, or a foreign country, to try to help something, which is like going inside of yourself, going to a depth inside of yourself where there is a different kind of reality. You can’t stay there because you feel you then have to come back.

This idea of coming back is this process of trying to come back down, grounded into life, where you are destined to go, or meant to be. And so it’s not an easy process to come back because for you to totally come back, what are you really doing? You’re coming back to the essence of everything that was what you discovered in Europe, the essence of something on the other side.

And so if you’re actually coming back into creation, or into life, and yet deep down underneath all of that you’re coming back to something that is the same down here as it is up there, then what is that going to be? Well, up there, there is no manifestation and images and density and all of that stuff going on, and down here all of that sort of thing has evolved as the result of our perceptions, expectations, and ways of imagining and thus there is kind of a collective reality.

However, you find yourself moving around in this to try to find like a type of latent, imbedded, focus and attention, something different, and you can’t find it. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, how does it end?

Jeane: On the edge.

John: Yeah, constantly on the edge, but what is there about you that continues to continue? Your focus and attention to go somewhere. Where do you think you’re going? You’re not sure anymore. You can’t even find the vehicle that’s supposed to transport you back and forth.

And so a dream like this is a hard dream to remember because on the surface it appears to be nothing but something bizarre, but what is it doing in terms of your psyche? It’s kind of keying you into the fact that everything is way bigger than you could have possibly imagined, and yet it is about something.

And so it’s very quick for you to conclude that you’re even further confused over how it is that something is going on in which you’re part of and are trying to flow with. The only thing you have, the best thing you have as your a memo is you just keep on keeping on with a certain focus and attention. And you can try to imagine that you’re going somewhere, but you’re so far off from understanding what is going on, that the whole thing is kind of ludicrous.

You went somewhere to the other side. Whatever happened there is beyond your comprehension. I mean, all you could do was relate it in terms of the dream as if you went to Europe or something to be with family, or felt something or another, and then from there you have to come back into life and into creation. And everything that unfolds, including that story of going to the other side, is all one great big sci-fi movie. And yet, in spite of it all, you are on the edge of your seat trying to continue to keep proceeding.

Isn’t that an amazing dream? The way you see how that is, is the vibration it leaves you in. It leaves you in an interesting vibration, doesn’t it? And it’s like, my gosh, you know, you went through this and you went through that, and it’s like, what a bizarreness. And yet it’s about something.

In your particular case, it’s a type of flow. And in the outer, as you go about doing things, this is all part of the flow. In other words, you tend to see your day-to-day as fairly mundane and whatnot, but is it really mundane? Or is it part of a type of focus and attention that you are applying yourself to, that is about some great experiment, even though you tend to think that 90% of the time you’re doing this, that, or the other, and then following a certain path or a thread or something a little bit of the time?

And you fail to realize that maybe you have a focus and attention in which all of it is meaningful, and the reasons seem bizarre. So, what are the characteristics that are important? What are the characteristics that are important, so that what unfolds has a meaningfulness that penetrates through in terms of the great experiment in terms of all there is? That’s where it starts, and then it’s just sci-fi, because a human being can never ever, ever know what’s going on.

Isn’t that interesting?

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