Changes in Life

06fThe image of something hatching from our bodies is the stuff of movie aliens, but in this case it speaks of being able to hold our intentions in a way that allows them to transform us, allowing something new to emerge. This is tied to the idea that everything in life should come from the inner into the outer – not allow the outer world to affect our inner life, but to allow our deeper, inner life to affect the outer world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then I go back to sleep and I’m taking and looking at the chemistry of it all. But I was just all charged and animated with this cycling through as an excitement and interest and a neatness to the way things are being invigorated in life. I have the following dream; it’s every bit if not more bizarre than yours.

In the dream, those I am with are part of a project for peace in life; in other words to figure out something that adds something to a value, or a purpose, or importance in life, whether you call that peace or whatever you want to call it. I think peace again is a term to be used to kind of keep people’s focus and attention.

So I do not know how this works. And as far as I can tell, I’m even losing the thread, but not the focus, because I find myself sitting on a bed that has had nails left there inadvertently, and I’m picking up these nails that have to be taken to where they belong. So I do my best to pick them up.

And the next thing I know after I picked up a bunch of these nails to transport to some other place, or to give back because they don’t belong there, they got scattered there inadvertently or something. Instead of carrying them in the palm of my hand I end up seemingly having the substance of all of that carried in two places, in the middle of the arm, and the other in the middle of the elbow, inside of the elbow.

And they are like powder now. The one that’s here on the forearm is the nails themselves. The one at the elbow point is the result of which I’ve had some effect or involvement. I actually feel that I had something to do with this powder or chemical – what the nails turned into. Nothing in my hand, in other words, anymore.

So I remained dutiful to a process larger than myself and find that I have to go with this stuff to some place. And to go to this place I even go up in an elevator that seems to be open with the exception that it has kind of a sealed plastic around it that drips water down – and I’m trying to keep this stuff dry.

And where I’m trying to get up to is where there’s the teacher and his students that are hanging out up there on this other level. I don’t know what this is about. All I know is I need to bring this element or chemical that’s on my arm as best as I can to this place. When I arrive, because I’ve been gone so long, the first thing they do is feed me. No one pays any attention to what’s going on with my arm. There’s no one that wants to even talk about it.

I’m just holding the focus and attention to it, and it’s still transforming on my arm and my skin. Because I was in the drippy elevator and whatnot, it actually appears that I lost a lot of it. But I didn’t. It’s transforming. It’s going into the skin. It’s eating into my arm. It should be painful but I seem to be able to carry it.

Finally someone who is part of the group comes to me and notices that what is growing on me are eggs out of this powder this is transforming into something that is feeding and becoming something new, and these are the eggs for that – and that they look like they’re ready to be harvested.

So I’m sent to an area and I wake up when it seems that some of these eggs start hatching prematurely. And the transformative creatures, that are a byproduct of the experiment to find a resolution, seem out of control. The whole thing gets real sci-fi now and that wakes me up.

Meaning, everything is meaningful and about something else in manifestation. A human being is so far out of sync with such consciousness that he has no idea what is going on practically all the time.

When you become part of a process what you go through in life is part of the essential unfoldment. A focus and attention is needed to stay the course. However, everything that ensues from there is outside of our comprehension. So, we are shown just enough to keep us connected to the focus and attention needed but, after that, what unfolds is beyond our scope.

We do not see the real light so we cannot see the big picture and, as a result, are part of the great experiment of life not knowing what is really going on. As in the dream, a person with the right focus and attention, in this case it’s me, has become a host or sponsor even of much more than you could possibly imagine and it includes changes in life that go beyond man’s, or mankind’s, current awareness. And you could sit back in the imaginative to try to ponder this, but even then it is bewildering.

There’s an attempt to try to figure something out because that’s how the masculine is. I’m doing my best to figure out what is going on here, how it starts with nails on a bed that turn into a powder on the arm and elbow area, and then in an elbow area and that evolves into something that is transformative like eggs that are harbingers of something new coming.

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