Getting Clean

auric-clearingWe speak often of higher energetic connections, and part of the criteria of connecting to something higher is that it can only work with us when we are right for it. It’s like snow can only fall when the temperature requirements are met. For a human, it means letting go of our coarser energies: anger, revenge, jealousy, and all sorts of lower emotions. That cleaning process allows higher energies to begin to be attracted to our radiation because of our constancy, in terms of forgiveness, compassion, service to something higher, and countless other intentions and acts. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had one dream in which the setting was such that it’s almost like there are fields, and little fences around them, and on the left is a little house where my parents live. And then on one side of the fence, almost like if there were a little garage here or something, there’s a little area and I seem to have a washing machine there and when my clothes get really dirty in the field and stuff I bring them to that area and wash them.

My parents are living in a house to the left, and there’s a little field just a little to the right of that where I’m washing the clothes that’s fenced, and then I’m living off to the right in a house there. Well, at some point I realize that the leggings and stuff that I seem to wear over my clothes, that I bring out there to wash all the time, just really aren’t getting that clean. So my mother comes out and she’s going to take them into her house and wash them.

And I feel a little badly about that. I feel badly that I can’t seem to get the clothes clean enough washing them out there in the field. I know there was more to that dream, but I had this other dynamic that was going on on top of the dream.

John: So, the theme of the dreaming last night was we were both put into our natural conditions in which we come to see the purpose of life – in terms of the inner and the outer dynamic.

And the way it’s described for the masculine is it shows the stage of progression because you’re always looking at the specifics of something. The way it’s portrayed for the feminine is it’s like you just naturally fall into the unfoldment of things. So it’s like the idea of washing your clothes out in the field and then having to get closer to your mother’s house and all of that, all has to do with the opening up and awakening as you come to experience life, the opening and awakening of that which is really alive. Or in you it’s the process of natural unfoldment that’s kind of just subjective.

And that’s why it’s more interesting in terms of the effect of things, the symbolic effect of things in the outer for the feminine. For the masculine they have to get to a grip or an understanding or a way of describing it as a kind of action-oriented flow, in terms of what is going on. But in terms of the feminine, it’s more of a naturalness and how you just live and conduct yourself.

And, as a consequence, as you were telling the dream, I cannot help but see the significance of how the outer is in terms of the way it is unfolding around a feminine nature in terms of the process of its awakening state. In other words, the symbolism of things is more meaningful. For the masculine they’re less inclined to look at the significance of, say, an eagle in the sky, or a fox running across the road in front of a car and stuff like that.

In other words, the natural mannerism or orientation that you have as you are situated in the outer, for the feminine that awakens or touches and it’s okay just to note that in a sense as something is kind of like pulled together, or awakened, or recognized when that sort of thing happens. For the masculine there can be kind of an interesting response to seeing something like that, but it’s not as directly meaningful as it is for the feminine, because the masculine is caught in the flow of things and wondering how that fits, and what that’s about, in terms of what is that pointing to, in relationship to the flow and is constantly trying to put one’s finger upon that.

The theme of the dreaming is covering a kind of a subject that can be said something like this: first there is the journey away from God, and then there’s the journey towards God. In other words, to begin with you were somewhere yonder and hilt, and the journey towards God you’re starting to wash the clothes in the field now. You’re starting to wash the clothes. You’re starting to deal with things, and you’re starting to realize that there’s something more.

But this is occurring slowly in your nature. You don’t really start, the idea in using this as a schematic to describe things, you really don’t start traveling in God until you realize that there’s a correlation to this whole process of getting something clean that has to do with the mother. And, of course, you’re also using the symbolism, the mother, to describe the other end of the equation, in other words, the fact that you’re working at this from the standpoint of the awakening and then the opening up coming from creation, or manifestation, when the masculine is always trying to bridge the inner coming into the outer. The two do pull themselves together, but maybe that’s what you describe in the next aspect of the dreaming.

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