Something Expected

magic-03Our psychologies can be just as persistent in our dream worlds as they are in our outer life. In this imagery, the idea that one isn’t good enough to sing in front of an audience is pointing to the idea of taking one’s proper role in life – being unafraid to let one’s light shine – because that’s what creation wants from us. And, as we see here, the reluctance leads to the main character being shown how powerful she is, which, when that ability is still viewed skeptically, begins a chase sequence and a need to hide. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream I’m going to be flying to another city to take part in a seminar that starts on Friday night, kind of like a personal growth seminar or something like that. I have a friend trying to help me book flights and she books me a flight but she also books me to be a singer for entertainment on Friday night. I’d only have to sing for an half an hour or so and I’d make a certain amount of money, or that opportunity is there.

And apparently I’ve done this before, either done some comedy or some singing before the seminar starts on Friday night, but I feel like I can’t sing well enough to do this gig she wants me to do. But I do take the flight, but then I get there and they didn’t book any other singer and I’m supposed to sing, but I don’t because I know I can’t do it well enough. And I mention it to somebody else that’s there, in case they want to do it, because it’s a small room full of people, but I don’t feel like I can sing.

And then I leave the room to go to the seminar and I notice that people get up and they’re eating hors d’oeuvres and they leave because nobody takes the place to do the singing. And instead of go to the seminar, I find myself outdoors, and I’m outdoors in an area where the army’s doing maneuvers. And there are big cliffs up above, and one of the tanks suddenly starts to kind of roll down the hill and I think it’s going to roll right on me. I’ve even kind of fallen down, but then the tank sees me and the tank stops So I don’t get run over.

And there are a couple of other of us out there and all of a sudden I see the cliffs above everything an explosion there and all of the rocks have come loose on the cliff and they’re falling down towards us. But then they stop before they hit us, and that happens once, and I’m thinking that’s kind of a relief, they just went right by me, this big chunk of rock. You know, it didn’t hit me.

But then another chunk of rock comes off, and it’s a huge chunk, and it’s going right towards me and then it stops and hovers in the air over me, and again doesn’t hit me. And this happens like three times. Well, now I realize that I must be doing something that stops the rock from hitting me, but I realize if the army notices this they’ll want to take me for research to find out why this is happening, so I have to get out of there.

So I get out of there because I know that even though they didn’t think it right then, if they go back and look at their tapes of the training exercise they’ll realize that something was happening that was not ordinary, so I figure I better get out of town or disguise myself. And I find a woman that’s going to help me and I follow her to this house and then a room inside the house, and she’s a little bit magical looking: she kind of has long, kind of blonde hair that comes out, bushy-like, and she has a special shirt on that even seems like it has the little stars on it.

And when I peek into a dressing room she stepped into I see she actually has the ability to kind of walk through a wall, and I think she’s going to help disguise me. And then a young man comes and I’m a little nervous first that he’s watching, but then I see that he’s dressed in a particular way and maybe she’s going to disguise me to look like him so that I can get away – and that’s when I wake up.

John: You’re starting off as if you need to do something, as if you still need something to happen around you or in your environment. In other words, you’re still trying to learn or to take in something, but actually there’s something that you can actually directly do. You don’t need to perform; there’s something you can naturally do, you don’t need to sit and try to learn something more – as if there’s something missing in your nature. You just need to be yourself.

And so you’re reluctant to be yourself and prefer to sit back and just try to take things in, because if you be yourself and get really noticed in terms of what it is that you can do, you draw attention to others who don’t have the harmony or balance in that regard, and that is something you are reluctant to do because, what would they do? They would notice that you’re doing something that is of value to a life, and your ability to enjoy life then would be inhibited because they would put their attention upon you.

So, let’s see, to kind of sum it up in a general way I guess one could say that the dream is suggesting and indicating that you’re not being yourself in a way that you could be yourself because to do so would draw attention to yourself, and then interfere with your way of being able to function in a quiet way off to one side, and go along continuing to just try to understand and grow and learn, which is how you see yourself as needing to be.

And so what the dream was kind of suggesting that even though you may try to maintain or to put your focus and attention upon staying that way that, wherever you go the world is relating to you differently. It’s relating to you in a way that requires you to step out, to be yourself. The part that can perform or act in a certain way needs to come out, and so what you have to figure out how to do is how to live that such that it goes into life in an important way without losing your own sense of well being, without being overwhelmed.

Well, this is a problem that all people who have a certain awakening have to confront. In other words, how is it that they’re able to live that awakening without drawing attention to themselves in a way that takes and defiles that awareness, that awakening? And it’s a kind of awakening that entertains, that has the means of helping people appreciate something in life – that’s the positive side. The negative side is when something like that is seen, you’re apt to be overwhelmed by others who take and feel that they have to control it, or understand it, in relationship to themselves as opposed to leaving you totally free.

So you’ve got to sort the fact that you have this and can’t hide from it. You can’t keep going to school, because it seems that it’s going to come out whether you like it or not. So the question is, is there a reason why it seems to always work that way where you somehow if you lose your ability to remain hidden and have an effect upon life, that you get overwhelmed by the outer forces to the point that you lose your sense of free flow because they try to put controls and limitations and obviously will chew up your time?

Is there a reason why that is like that? And there is. The reason is because when you catch up with your ability to affect things around you, it’s because you have caught up with the realization of how you are interconnected in a wholeness, and can then, therefore, affect that wholeness in ways that others can’t because they still see themselves as separate. When you come to see yourself as not separate, and really know that and can feel the linkage, you can then effectuate changes in the environment by knowing the aliveness of things. In other words, the name of things, the value of things, how to relate to such things. Others don’t know that but deep, deep, deep inside they would like to. And so when you figure something like this out, or have an understanding of this, you have to be able to go about in life and touch it in a way that doesn’t bring attention upon yourself. The expression is love without leaving traces.

So you’re playing with this interesting chemistry inside yourself in terms of how it is that you come across to take and touch life, and can you do it by pretending to be studying this and studying that all the time? Well, that is one disguise or motif, but the suggestion is it can’t stay there because as soon as you come out something’s expected of you. And then you have to be careful in terms of what’s expected of you, that as you live that or bring that across that you don’t put yourself at a position where it gets squashed or squandered because it invokes things that inhibit your ability to best be in terms of how things need to be.

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