Bringing It Forth

32_nYesterday, we had the dream symbolism of horses to represent a powerful energy that was trying to be contained and worked with (see Acting Up). Today the imagery is still wrestling with the issue of handling newly awakened energy. This time the way of finding an equilibrium with it is to shrink it down to a manageable size. What’s important is that the dreamer is being shown that they are still in process with the internal integration of something new, and knowing that can support the process as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the first dream image I remember, it’s like apparently I’m going to have to have to put some things in an office, but everything like chairs and everything has shrunk down, like they’re only a couple inches high now.

And so I’m carrying them in this clear plastic container and, because they can fall over and things now that they’re all so small that they can get scattered, I’ve taken a sewing needle and I’ve passed it through everything and pulled it tight so that they’ll all stand up straight and stay together while I transport them, so that they’re all in alignment. Because I’m not sure what else to do seeing as how they’ve shrunk down so much.

John: Huh, good image. In other words, you started off with the larger plastic container, but inside of that are all these little boxes now, they’ve been shrunk down. In other words, they were larger and they were shrunk down, so for purposes of working with them, or connecting with them, or being able to move them about or to transport them, you had to shrink them down. And then you had to thread them together in a particular way so that they could all be moved.

So they’re in alignment. This is your understanding of what we were talking about. In other words, if consciousness approaches itself from a standpoint of trying to come from the outer into the expanse, like just in-breath oriented, and it’s trying to catch up with things by taking and raising the energy up, through the heart center, and then up to the third eye, we’ll say, where all of the clarity is suddenly hitting you now, from your base to the clarity. That explodes. That has a tendency of exploding, and getting really big, and that’s more than you can grasp.

However, if you take that energy and you bring it down into life, or bring it back down and bring it all the way down, and connect to how all of this is imbedded in kind of the sense of a smallness all inside of everything in manifestation, and reflects that way over and over and over again, and you are able to come down because the spirit energy is imbedded here, as above so below is imbedded here as well.

When you do that you now have taken something from that which is too transcendent, to the state in which there is more of an access, or it’s more imminent in its nature, and then when that is threaded together and aligned you now have brought this forth in terms of an overall consciousness.

This is how you understood it in terms of a symbolic dream. That was pretty good. I kind of thought you already understood this, but you got a dream to make sure. You took and you described it with the dream.

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