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The+Power+WithinHere are two dreams that point to an inner shift. In looking at dreams each day, one could feel that there is always something to correct, or balance, or understand. And that’s true, but there is also progress made. In these images, what was overwhelming has become manageable, and the pursued has become the pursuer. That’s how personal development unfolds in our lives: certain things can be let go because they no longer matter, and that process can also give us the strength to face things that do matter. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this dream that I woke up with, it’s like I’m in some area that there’s like huge cliffs and like sandstone cliffs almost that people… we’ve been helping some people ahead of us escape through these cliffs, through the caverns and caves inside the cliffs. After they’ve gotten a certain length ahead of us, because we’re staying behind maybe to fight whatever the forces were, I realize that actually these people are going to betray the people they’re with, or they’re going to betray us. And then they’re going to disguise themselves and run off with the gold, or whatever it is, the treasure they have.

So I’m inside one of the caves, with some others, and I realize now that we’re pursuing the people that we were helping, we were staying behind to defend..

Because, yes, we’ve realized they’re going to betray.

John: Initially you didn’t know that?

Jeane: No, initially I didn’t know that. So, in order to recognize them, I have to see what they’re going to look like because I know they’re going to disguise themselves. And so I’ve gone into this cave, and in this cave there are figures of people that look like from different tribes or different religions. They’re about one foot high wax figures, all over this wall, and I’ve taken a large lighter or match and I’m melting these wax figures heads so that I can see what they’re going to look like when we catch up with them.

John: So now you’ve switched your way of dreaming, actually. Normally you’re pursued, which means a darkness is having its way with you. In other words, it’s overcoming you. Its force is more than what you can handle, therefore you’re backing away from it.

But now something in you has risen to the point where you’re ready to take and basically go beyond the barrier that had prevailed, instead of it having its way with you, it’s turned around now and you’re able to pursue it or, so to speak, change, or alter, or dissolve it. In other words, you’re going to melt it, you’re going to get a close enough look at it that it no longer has an effect upon you. That’s an interesting shift in terms of the way it had been. Ordinarily it had prevailed, and now you’re going to melt and shift it.

For some strange reason that’s the theme of the dreaming last night, and you’ll see that very same thing in my meditation dream. It starts out with an image of destruction, or of darkness, or an overall appearance in which, just based on the appearance how could you even have any hope that a change was possible?

In other words, the image engulfs the scene, basically a dire looking image. I have seen this before, and when I saw it before I just had to accept that the situation was one that was overwhelming. And in the past I was weighed down by the heaviness of the appearance, and I never reached a point within in which there is any idea that this could change. I had to just accept that that was the appearance of the way things were.

This time it’s as if I’m either stronger inside, or somehow or another I know that a change is possible, in other words, when before I didn’t know a change was possible. And, as a result of something that’s shifted or changed in me, it’s no longer like everything in the overall appearance is accepted to be more than I can handle.

Basically what this means is that, in the meditation dream, it’s as if slowly there is a confidence and strength exuding more and more from within, such that the image is even starting to change to where, instead of it totally engulfing, it’s like still maybe one fourth engulfing – which is an awful lot – because any kind of darkness can easily suddenly take over. But at least it shows that it is shiftable, or changeable, or can be melted, as you had in your dream.

The time arises in which the whole thing, because it’s gotten down to the point where I could see it can be even a quarter, so it’s no longer deemed to be an insurmountable barrier, but because I saw it shift down and based upon me getting stronger or more confident or something inside, in other words changing it, that that meant that the image could be dissolved.

The remainder of the dream has me exploring how it is possible to go beyond this barrier. The delusional effect that had predominated everywhere initially, and I am looking now to go beyond the barrier, this is a change and shift in attitude such that it’s no longer perceived to be an impossible situation. It’s now perceived to be something that the heart can dissolve, or change, or shift; but it’s actually more of a dissolving, isn’t it?

And so now I’m realizing that I actually can work both ways in that I’m suddenly seeing that in the past I didn’t need to bring this darkness into life. In other words, there was something about me that brought this into life, that I could with my heart reach a potentiality beyond the reflection, and that realization is when I suddenly came to know and was able to look more deeply into manifestation and, thereby, shift what I saw away from this way of my being – which is to say I no longer have to do this to myself. I have the power within to change the effect.

See how close those were?

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upward-spiralSpiritual development can be seen as a process of accrual: through our practices we gain new insights and then we need to incorporate those insights into our everyday life. Then we repeat the process, as we slowly elevate energetically by letting go of what no longer fits what we are reaching for. So it is not a straight path, it’s an upward spiral. Yet it must be remembered: with higher energetics comes greater energetic responsibility. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream it’s like there’s a large office building and it’s run by a lady who’s very particular how things are. And I don’t work there, but I suddenly seem to be recruited that I’m going to have to go stock it, put things on the desk that belong there.

And I know she’s very particular, and I’m a little nervous because I don’t work there, yet everybody that works there seems to have left the building – so it’s going to be left to me to go do this, with maybe there’s an occasional person around.

John: In other words, you’re going to put in order, or in balance, something about the whole; you’re stocking it. In other words, it’s a responsibility you carry. Okay.

Jeane: Yeah, it might be even things like she likes little candies in the desk.

John: That’s a natural role of the feminine, to look out for its environment.

Jeane: But I’m a little nervous because I know how fussy she is and because I don’t work there, so it’s like I’m going into the building and it’s new to me. So I go in and then I look at the container I’ve been given, to carry the things to put away, and I notice that some of the things in there have broken apart from their packaging, like if there are some little candies they’ve kind of all fallen separately as opposed to staying in neat little packages.

And so this increases my anxiety a little bit more, because now I’m going to have to find new containers for some things, or figure out how they go when they’re not in the container I was already given. I’ll just have to wing it, is my feeling.

John: No, no, no. No, not at all. Actually this is a new thing that has to be taken into account, whenever you’re making a change in something.

In other words, you have a responsibility in terms of the overall environment that you’re in, and when you attempt to extend that out to where you’re affecting a situation that is not readily in your immediate environment or presence, I mean you in your overallness are connected to everything in the entire overall, but there is that which is present, and that which is still having to open up – that is also part of you.

And so, if all of a sudden, your attention is upon that which also needs to open up, that is part of you, but isn’t right there at your fingertips or, so to speak, in your day-to-day routine environment where you have a responsibility, when you attempt to take and probe out into something like that, that is when you get caught up in how the symmetry of things are in the overall – because some things are fouled up, or disturbed, or in a chaotic state for a particular reason.

There are lessons to be learned. There is an overall Gaia that holds it together that way for reasons, and if you disturb that something else can go awry. Well, in this particular case that’s a masculine way of looking at it, but in this particular case you are seeing that in order for you to come out of the blue, so to speak, and try to adjust something in that environment, you have to take into account the particular nuances of that situation, of that environment. And if you don’t take that into account, then you’re going to create another sort of discombobulation.

Those are great dreams.

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32_nYesterday, we had the dream symbolism of horses to represent a powerful energy that was trying to be contained and worked with (see Acting Up). Today the imagery is still wrestling with the issue of handling newly awakened energy. This time the way of finding an equilibrium with it is to shrink it down to a manageable size. What’s important is that the dreamer is being shown that they are still in process with the internal integration of something new, and knowing that can support the process as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the first dream image I remember, it’s like apparently I’m going to have to have to put some things in an office, but everything like chairs and everything has shrunk down, like they’re only a couple inches high now.

And so I’m carrying them in this clear plastic container and, because they can fall over and things now that they’re all so small that they can get scattered, I’ve taken a sewing needle and I’ve passed it through everything and pulled it tight so that they’ll all stand up straight and stay together while I transport them, so that they’re all in alignment. Because I’m not sure what else to do seeing as how they’ve shrunk down so much.

John: Huh, good image. In other words, you started off with the larger plastic container, but inside of that are all these little boxes now, they’ve been shrunk down. In other words, they were larger and they were shrunk down, so for purposes of working with them, or connecting with them, or being able to move them about or to transport them, you had to shrink them down. And then you had to thread them together in a particular way so that they could all be moved.

So they’re in alignment. This is your understanding of what we were talking about. In other words, if consciousness approaches itself from a standpoint of trying to come from the outer into the expanse, like just in-breath oriented, and it’s trying to catch up with things by taking and raising the energy up, through the heart center, and then up to the third eye, we’ll say, where all of the clarity is suddenly hitting you now, from your base to the clarity. That explodes. That has a tendency of exploding, and getting really big, and that’s more than you can grasp.

However, if you take that energy and you bring it down into life, or bring it back down and bring it all the way down, and connect to how all of this is imbedded in kind of the sense of a smallness all inside of everything in manifestation, and reflects that way over and over and over again, and you are able to come down because the spirit energy is imbedded here, as above so below is imbedded here as well.

When you do that you now have taken something from that which is too transcendent, to the state in which there is more of an access, or it’s more imminent in its nature, and then when that is threaded together and aligned you now have brought this forth in terms of an overall consciousness.

This is how you understood it in terms of a symbolic dream. That was pretty good. I kind of thought you already understood this, but you got a dream to make sure. You took and you described it with the dream.

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