A Core Shift

letter-from-the-universeThese dreams point out a core struggle on the path of development: how do we make the shift from thinking we are in service to the whole, to actually being in service to the whole? Because our egos will make the issue very blurry. But here’s a good test: does what you’re doing bring an energetic uplift? But that’s still a fine line because our psychologies can reward us, too, when we do good by them. But is our intention personal, or universal? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember my dreams really well last night. They were kind of odd. In one dream it’s like I’ve come across these instruments and they look kind of like… I think they’re called sassoons or something, you know, like they’re a wind instrument that’s really large, almost as tall as a person and they come down. They kind of come up again where something blows out, except that end where you blow out, these are huge, and then the end that you blow out of is actually separate from the end that you blow into.

And what I’m doing is I’m getting busy attaching the end that you blow out of to the end that you blow into, because they’re separated. And there’s either some kind of a contest, or a war, going on. I’m not sure which.

After I’ve done that, it feels like I get some kind of almost like petrified wood or something that you actually will blow out of one end, so that’s kind of weaponized these things, large pieces of it or something that can fit in the end. Because it’s like these dreams, a lot of these dreams, seem to have to do about being at battle. That was the first dream.

John: The degree to which they had to do with battle is the degree to which you create a certain kind of cloud or confusion, in terms of yourself, because the idea in the sense of battle has to do with some sort of personal entanglement engagement.

However, the image of blowing with your breath is an image of bringing something down and through, and from that you’re able to make a sound or have an effect upon something in manifestation, which is an image that has to do with bringing something from inner into outer.

So when you put the fragments together it’s like you’re sorting out the engagement of making a connection that takes your awareness and brings it down, with the out-breath, into life. But to the degree that that attention is contaminated by the idea of a battle, or something else going on that is affecting your dynamic in some capacity, that you have to wrestle or contangle with, to the degree that that’s in there, that’s personal. That gets in the way of the flow.

Jeane: My second dream it seems like I was working at one agency as a therapist, and I’ve left and I’ve gone to another agency and I’m working kind of in administrative work, but clerical work, in a way like maybe in records, and how things are put away, and kept track to have them filed that supports the whole system. And that system is getting kind of chaotic, or falling apart a bit. And I’m fairly good at it because, to me, it’s all part of supporting, helping people, and it’s giving me a look at how things work.

And I’m meeting with someone that I think is really good at it to discuss with her how she’s handling it, as there are changes going on in the agency there, making it fall apart a bit, and what I can learn from that.

And then it feels like I’m going to be leaving, and when I leave and I go back it’s like I’m having a dialogue with some people I used to work with, because I think in a way I have a different perspective from having worked at all layers in an organization. And it’s kind of interesting to me, so when I go back I go back to working with people as a therapist, or is it helpful to them that I’ve actually worked in other parts of the system.

It seems to be like I might think that maybe they think if you’ve been away from it, that you lose something, but on the other hand, they may feel that you gain something because you’ve seen how the other parts of the system work – and even when they don’t work.

John: That is a big dilemma for me as well, from the standpoint that I always think that some of the sophistication and focus that I have that does certain things, that has an involvement in terms of how things work kind of in an outer consequence or systematic way, is important in terms of a process. And the dilemma with that, is those systems and that process can be falling apart. I could have it wrong as to whether it’s important.

However, the activity that I find myself doing, that gives me a certain joy or pulls my attention into something that is meaningful as an expression, that I make into life, that feeds me in some capacity.

The dilemma that one has is to what degree do you identify with, or take what it is that you have as an aspect of the systematic development that involves the personal? To what degree is that important in relationship to just being able to function in a way that uplifts the whole, that is directly into life?

In other words, it may or may not be a culmination of everything that you’ve gone through. In other words, to what degree do you have to look back at the building blocks that has systematically brought you up to a particular point? To what degree is that still important in terms of looking back at the system of things?

In other words, you’re sorting this out, because if you go back and you look at the systems of things and notice that they are falling apart, and your attention is upon that as if that is important, you can develop or take on a type of sadness because that may not be directly the work that is intended. And yet how do you let go of that because how do you know that it isn’t part of the general overall matrix that’s meant to be?

In other words, you can still see or find yourself thinking that that has to also occur, and about the only way you could best sort it out is that when something unfolds that is of benefit to a bigger schematic, or direct aspect of manifestation, and that feeds you, and that uplifts you, and then you take that and put it up next to the process of what you feel it takes to systematically unfold. They could be two different things. It’s a part again of getting aligned in terms of the changes and the shifts that are occurring in life, and in manifestation. And the secret and the key here is to be able to bring into manifestation what manifestation needs and not necessarily some ideation.

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