Alien Battle

alien1We often speak about the aspect of opening up new energies and connections within us, which is a good thing, but it is easy to forget that there are inner aspects that we have had in us for our whole lives, and they don’t always want to be pushed aside. That’s where our inner resistance to change comes from. And when that resistance is strong enough, it can turn up in our dream images as aliens and monsters battling each other. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next scene, we’re in some huge outdoor area. There are cliffs off in the distance and everything, and it’s in the country, and we’ve been in battle.

We’ve been in battle with forces that are kind of alien, and there’s more than one alien force involved here because there are these huge people that show up near the end of the battle. I’m not even sure whose side they’re on, and then there are some creatures that look like overgrown caterpillars, but I think about like 20 feet long or something, and pretty tall, and one of those is supposedly dead laying over to the side; more like a little centipede with all these little feet.

Jack Black, the actor, is on our side and, for some reason, in order to fight the new forces that have shown up, these kind of giants or whatever, we need him to go over and crawl on the skin of that giant centipede-looking thing and, I guess, he’s going to crawl in that skin and then kind of animate it a bit, maybe try to scare them off. I don’t know.

But he goes over and he crawls in it and he suddenly sticks his head out of it, with a little bit of alarm on his face, because it’s not completely dead. I don’t know, for some reason that strikes me as funny, and I wake up.

John: So this giant centipede, or whatever that thing is, is different than the other forces?

Jeane: Yeah, there are some new people that look almost like gladiators that have shown up, that are bigger than we are.

John: And so the centipede thing is something of the past, it’s passed away?

Jeane: It’s not completely dead, though.

John: Yeah, it’s reemerging as a consciousness awareness. So what you’ve done is you’ve pitted something that you’re still having to contend or fight with, or that is foreign to who you really are, and that’s these forces that you are going to have to fight these… What did you call them, in armor and whatnot?

Jeane: They’re gladiators or something.

John: These gladiators or something. Or something. This is the reflective phantoms that one has to contend with, that are there when one has to wrestle in just a personal mannerism. And then this giant centipede and that sort of thing, so there’s a certain humor in that.

In other words, you can’t be reacting to the changes that are meant to occur, or rise within, with barriers and veils that keep that from coming through, because a centipede actually represents an aliveness that you’re meant to catch up with, a new way of being that you’re meant to catch up with. It’s been lying dormant, and by taking that in to yourself, or awakening that from within, to be able to go within that, or basically to awaken that from within, what you’re doing is you’re utilizing and developing a consciousness that creates an auric way about yourself that can deal with the outer gladiator, personal aspects that still afflict you.

So it’s a description about consciousness. Interesting huh? Something new coming in in order to do that. In other words, an awareness and attention that, to begin with, you’re not sure if it’s a little creepy or not. That’s kind of how change is. We tend to not know what is good for us even.

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