The Tavern of Life

ueerlThe idea of the tavern of life, as an image in a dream, is an interesting one because being born on Earth can be viewed as coming to a meeting place where certain things are possible. And what this particular dream image is implying is that we all must give back to life with our life. That means to be a contributor in the way of universal purposes (not individual/ego life purposes). As shown in the dream, the real joy comes from that type of service into life.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then I had the following dream, and this dream is a very, very Sufi dream that orients itself completely to the “tavern of life,” where a person goes in through the tavern of life and you tend to drink wine in there and there is an old Sufi quality where you’re letting go as a consequence of this in terms of your contanglement with the lower self. This dream has a slightly different twist on that tavern.

In my dream, we have wandered into a bar that is located in an area we are exploring. In other words, we normally wouldn’t go into a bar so we’ve wandered in there, and it’s the first time in the bar for us. The owner comes over to the band music section and sings a song that I really like in terms of the melody, but he changes the words to be in keeping with what is going on at this point in time in life.

He has what you’d consider some poignant words in there that are a little bit abrupt, they’re a little shocking that you’d put in the song, like Steve Tyler might act like that, but usually you don’t necessarily have those, but the tone, and the music, and the flow was very fascinating. I really liked it. He had just changed it and added these new words to it.

And then after that, singing the song that sets the tone, he then passes out two keys to each person in the bar. And then he looks at us, knowing that we’re new, and asks us if we’d ever done this before? And we say, no, and then he explains that we can use the keys in a couple of ways: one is we can go if we want to and stay in a motel in which the rooms haven’t been cleaned yet. In other words, the bed hasn’t been made and whatnot, but we can go stay there. Or we can work, starting inside the bar and going into the basement area, and clean up what needs to be done in his establishment.

Everyone in the place is into going downstairs and cleaning up this area – as if they look forward to this and have done this before, because they don’t even pause. And so we find ourselves just kind of going along with the flow, but we don’t know what it is that we clean up. I notice I touch something to try to fix up, and someone says, “No, that’s my responsibility.” And then after that is done, they seem to be directed to something a long ways away that you could see in the distance in the outside, barely. Now, I don’t know what to make out of that and he has to kind of again explain a little bit of that to us as kind of the next step in the effecting of something in the environment.

So the meaning is, this is a dream about the path. After you reach a level of consciousness you have the choice to leave, or you can stay and give something back to life. Or, as shown in this dream, you could take the key and take it directly to some room where you could check out, where things are not quite made up yet, but you could stay there. Or you can use it directly into manifestation.

Those who are in this tavern seem to all have made up their mind, and know, and focus their attention and direction to work with manifestation as needed. In other words, they eagerly embrace that. And I saw myself not knowing quite what to do, or how to jump in with them. They all knew what to do. They all had their own specific ways of looking at things and helping. And so I’m fumbling about to figure out how that applies, or where I can plug in, and after all of that gets shifted and changed because I’m a little awkward, the tavern owner comes over to help my attention then shift to a greater outward mannerism that you could pick up and see in the far, far distance, not necessarily with your naked eye but introspected eye you could see it, because to the naked eye it was kind of out of range.

And then as I settle back, I go back into the dream to be shown that each of these tavern goers did something slightly different with their consciousness. Because I was curious, apparently needing to understand the intertwinement better, to help me to do that a number was assigned to each of these tavern goers. And so there’s a story connected to each of them in terms of how they’ve been in manifestation, and the story of what they went through in manifestation in terms of having done something to help shape who they are, enabled them to now in this state of conditions to be able to bring back to the direct benefit of manifestation something that kind of corresponded. Not necessarily the same use of energy, but almost as if they had been shaped or trained.

In other words, there was something about how they had lived in life, and the way their consciousness was shaped and designed, that corresponded to a work they could each do in manifestation. Although this overall focus and attention you might say comes together in a way that’s the same, the specific ways they each functioned to clear things up, and bring about a new way, varied. They were each clear in terms of their focus and attention. In other words, there was no wavering. They didn’t quibble as a general rule. The only quibbling came when I reached over to do something that somebody else had covered.

And the deeper meaning to what happened last night is I was shown a means in which connecting to life works. In the last two dreams, I went into the tavern and took on a dynamic in which I took my consciousness and directed it back into the environment that I was in. When I did this my mood changed immediately and an inner joy and excitement to be part of this flow arose.

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